Photoreal 3D Rendering Services

Every image here is completely synthetic — 3D modeled and rendered by our artists on computers. Some call it virtual photography, we call it art. We are dedicated to producing the best visuals for clients with virtually any project. We have been at it for 21 years, with our studio and full staff of artists located in the heart of the USA. Call today for a quote.

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  • Furniture

    Furniture renderings - animations and still images - for marketing of chairs, tables, and all other types of furniture.

  • Architecture

    Photorealistic architectural renderings and fly thru animations.

  • Technical

    Technical demonstrations, cutaways, visualizations.

  • Advertising

    TV commercials and video or pictures for marketing & advertising.

  • Products

    Product images and animations

  • Industrial & Energy
    Industrial & Energy

    Animations and stills for power generation, large industrial projects and offshore energy.

1. Large Staff of Artists
 A full staff of skilled animators allows us to quickly start and efficiently complete your project. All animators work in-house at our studio in Kansas City, Missouri, USA – we don’t outsource or forward projects overseas.
2. 21 years in business
Trinity started in the 3D custom imagery business in 1994. Over the years it has learned the best methods for the optimum experience for our customers – the best images, delivered on or before the deadline, at a remarkable price.
3. Technically savvy
With typical studios, technical and scientific knowledge are not represented. But for many of our projects, a strong understanding of the technical features, processes and uses of the product we are working on will play a big part in our delivering a great result. Trinity project management includes Jim Lammers (BS Electrical Engineering, MU) and Lia Bailey (BS Chemistry, NW Missouri State).
4. Full ownership for you
Unlike many photography and service bureaus, we do NOT encumber your work with specific usage rights. There are no copyright or usage complications with the images and movies we provide to you at the end of your project. Use them for any purpose, for all time.

About us

Creating 3D Imagery is what we do. We service small, medium and large companies worldwide with top quality workmanship and second-to-none customer service. Our animators are highly skilled professionals with industry experience. We strive to offer you the best possible service that is timely, cost effective and achieves your project’s needs. Browse our portfolio page to see some of our work and learn more about our rendering services or contact us today to get started!

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