Architectural Rendering

Visualize the future with our photo-realistic 3D Architectural Rendering Services.

Architecture Rendering

Visualize your archviz projects in photo-realistic detail with our 3D architectural and animation services.
Architectural Rendering Image Map Full Sketch of Whole Foods Shopping Center. Wireframe rendering of Whole Foods Shopping Center. Solid rendering of Whole Foods Shopping Center. Final rendering of Whole Foods Shopping Center.


We Focus on Your Needs

Trinity Animation Studio's top priority is always to take care of our customers and meet their goals. We deliver top-notch animation within your project time and budget. We show you our work in progress to guide the final result and we make sure you are satisfied with our 3D computer animation services.


A Synergy of Art and Technology

Working in the Midwestern United States since 1994, Trinity Animation leverages technology and the skills of many talented artists to provide top-notch visuals to almost every industry. Technology allows our computer animation studio to go beyond the ordinary and create stunning, cinematic results.


The Best Imagery and Animation

Trinity Animation creates beautiful imagery: Moving or still, 2D or 3D or other media, technical or imaginative. If you need to tell a story, market a product, explain a procedure, or just show people a beautiful image of what could be – count on Trinity Animation as your animation studio.


...Trinity has been one of my favorite groups to work with. Without fail, everyone with whom we have had contact had a fantastic attitude, was super professional, and of course talented to boot. Trinity has played a pivotal role in many of our most successful design projects.

Brent White - Design Director - TESSER

Architecture Animation Video Gallery

Explore these professional 3D architectural renderings from Trinity Animation.
Trinity Animation Architectural Demo Reel
Architectural Demo Reel
Trinity Animation is a 3D animation studio and 3d architectural visualization company based out of Overland Park, KS. Specializing in many areas of technical animation, this demo reel takes you through the architectural rendering and visualization work Trinity Animation has completed. Enjoy our showcase as we take you through our featured architectural demo reel.
Times Square's Famed Dunkin Donuts
Times Square Dunkin Donuts 3D Architecture Tour
Explore, in photo-realistic detail, this archviz project we completed for the Dunkin Donuts franchise in Times Square. This architectural rendering takes the viewer through the intricate details of the store through 3D visualization from the Trinity Animation team.
Architectural Animation of the Aberdeen Ridge Independent Living Facilities Grounds and Public Spaces
Aberdeen Ridge Public Space 3D Architecture Tour
Take a walk through the public spaces at Aberdeen Ridge - an Independent Senior Living Community in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Watch the building come to life with 3D architecture visualization from the Trinity Animation team in exquisite photo-realistic detail.
Architectural Animation of an Independent Living Facility
Aberdeen Ridge Apartments 3D Architecture Tour
Explore the amenities of living in an apartment at the Aberdeen Ridge Independent Living facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. See the living space in photo-realistic detail as we walk you through this architecture rendering from the animation team at Trinity Animation.

Our Clients

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Architecture Visualization Gallery

Here are some of our architectural rendering project images for you to explore.
Rendering of mall end cap with escalators and animated people.
Beautiful rendering of high end retail mall interior with seating area.
Rendering of mall interior with active fountains and arched glass roof.
Rendering of a mall promenade with shoppers and sunlight streaming through transparent roof.
Retail Interior Visualization
A beautiful and functional architectural rendering of a shopping mall interior. All signage is simulated to display real companies, as you would see on your walkthrough. Shoppers are represented in the archviz renderings, however they have a more transparent view so as not to distract from the overall aesthetic of the construction.
Rendering of a condo interior with furnished living room.
A rendered view from kitchen to living room of a proposed condominium interior.
Rendered view of condo living area and outdoor patio with kitchen at left.
Visualization of condo living room with sofa, chairs, art and a kitchen in the background.
Rendering of a luxury condo with designer furnishings including drapes, coordinated chair and sofa with coffee table and floor rug.
Condominium Interior Renderings
Trinity Animation has created a wealth of beautiful architectural renderings representing units in multifamily construction. These interior architectural renderings show fully furnished apartments and condos, with well placed views displaying both the kitchen area and the living room from multiple angles. All furnishings can be hand picked by the client, or Trinity can use its extensive interior decorating experience to create a space that looks lived in and comfortable.
Exterior rendering of a luxury apartment facade at sunset.
Daylight rendering of proposed apartment building exterior on a street corner.
Aerial view of the swimming pool and entertainment area for a proposed luxury apartment rooftop.
Apartment Exterior Renderings
Exterior architectural renderings can be created in a completely virtual space, or photo-comped into an existing street corner. Trinity Animation has actually gone into the field for local projects and taken pictures to be used in conjunction with the rendering. Once placed, the fine details such as people and cars can be added.
Aerial rendering of an apartment complex including swimming pool and water feature.
Exterior rendering of the pool and entertainment building at a proposed apartment complex.
Speculative rendering of the view from an apartment balcony looking out over the pool and water feature of the apartment complex courtyard.
Apartment Complex Architectural Visualization
NSPJ approached Trinity to create an architectural rendering of their proposed multi-family development named Tiffany Woods. The aerial exterior rendering displayed the parking and proposed landscaping, as well as amenities like the swimming pool and artificial lake. The rendering was created with evening conditions, highlighting the generous lighting options interspersed in the surrounding area.
Single point perspective rendering of a modernist art gallery with ebony floors and LED lighting.
Rendered view of a modern office kitchen with elegant LED lighting.
Architectural Interior Rendering
While created for a lighting company, these architectural renderings show off some of Trinity’s most impressive visualization work. The use of contrasts brings out the fine details in the wood grain, and the perspective draws the viewer’s eye directly to the desired lighting elements.
Beauty shot of a shopping courtyard for a prospective mall design, including a full landscape design in the foreground.
Action rendering of the street entrance to a proposed luxury shopping center, populated with shoppers and moving traffic.
Retail Exterior Visualization
Retail architectural rendering has been utilized almost as long as architects have been dreaming up new buildings. Using these images, the finished design can be communicated to the average viewer who may not be able to visualize a building from a blueprint. With a small amount of additional work, any rendered image can be turned into something that has a more painterly style. This is useful if you are concerned that your viewer might get hung up on the minor details of a photorealistic architectural rendering.
A sunlit interior rendering of an architectural design for a high fashion mall, including escalators and shoppers near a fountain and seating area.
Shopping Mall Architectural Rendering
A rendered shopping mall interior, displaying crisp clean lines, striking contrast, and an attention grabbing aerial installation. This beautiful architectural visualization is fully populated with shoppers, and the bright daylight sun shows off the proposed construction in ideal conditions. Many factors of the design would be impossible to effectively communicate when working off design documents, such as the art and furniture placement.
Exterior view of a proposed Wendy's restaurant design including a greenhouse styled dining area with a framed window feature and a central red monolith.
Visualization for Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream in a Japanese location with serving line visible at rear and seating area in the foreground.
Rendering of the interior serving area for a Japanese Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream shop, using silhouette people to indicate scale.
Food Service Architectural Rendering
Trinity Animation was approached by the brand strategy and design agency, Tesser, to create architectural renderings of both a proposed Ben & Jerry’s store in Japan, and a range of proposed designs for Wendy’s restaurants. The Ben & Jerry’s visualization was requested with human silhouettes included, but they wanted to have an option so architectural renderings were also provided without any human reference. Multiple visualizations of Wendy’s designs were created, so that Tesser could display them to a focus group and determine which style people would be the most likely to eat in.
Exterior rendering of a beachfront condominium with balconies overlooking the pool area and sandy beach.
Beachfront Architectural Rendering
The Ocean 9 beachfront condo architectural rendering is a beautiful example of how Trinity Animation can display your building before it is built. With sunny skies, playful gulls, and relaxing residents, the building looks like the perfect location for a destination vacation.
Visualization of an interior meeting and socializing area for a multi-story apartment building, with a bar area at rear.
Fitness Center visualization for a multi-story condominium building with sunlight streaming in from windows on the right.
Rendering of a brightly lit recreation area for a large multi-story apartment building, including seating and food preparation area at right.
Architectural Amenities Rendering
When marketing to younger residents, it is important to focus on not just the units, but amenities as well. This multifamily architectural rendering shows off not only a fully stocked exercise facility, but a club room as well. On top of all that are the beautiful unit designs, overlooking bustling city streets in the middle of a vibrant community.
A 3D rendering of a brightly colored bar and meeting area for a large condo, including seating areas and a full bar at rear.
Beautiful art-deco styled interior rendering for a luxury apartment building, including seating and staircase.
Visualization of a common area for relaxation and study, with an ivory sofa set and matching seating.
Meeting Place Architectural Rendering
A well constructed lounge area architectural rendering accomplishes two objectives. First, it is a great selling point for a new building, showing that extra thought was put into the surroundings than just what is in each individual unit. Second, it fosters a sense of community, bringing together neighbors that might not have any other occasion to speak more than a handful of words to each other. In this age of technology and constant distraction, it is important to remember that there is always a friendly face only an arm’s length away.
Realistic photo composition of a proposed apartment facade rendered over actual photography of a Kansas City street corner.
Downtown Residential Architectural Rendering
This is NSPJ’s proposed redesign of the KCPL building in the Power & Light district in downtown Kansas City. The exterior angle was photo-comped into the surrounding area, to display the utmost visual fidelity and truly help viewers picture what it will look like when construction is completed. The aerial roof architectural rendering is packed with subtle props and features that lend a wonderful sense of realism and aid the imagination, helping the viewer picture themselves lounging on a chair and enjoying the sun in the middle of a busy city.

Take the world on a luxury tour of your architectural design with visualizations by Trinity Animation.

How we Work

We have an organized and efficient workflow to get your project done.
  • Goals
  • Reference
  • Construction
  • Beauty
  • Action
  • Finalize

Project goals and communication are the first steps for your architectural rendering. Our project coordinator will discuss the needs and also the limitations (such as time or budget) that help decide the best course of action for your project. Sometimes we can offer unique ideas for conveying the ideas your architectural renderings or animations need to show.

Based on these discussions we would provide you with a detailed proposal with review dates, delivery date and clearly defined deliverables.


Here’s where you come in. We can create whatever you design from anything you give us, but the more detail you provide, the faster your architectural rendering will be completed. We have created beautiful architectural animations from anything from napkin sketches of buildings to fully modeled CAD designs - both 2D and 3D. Often clients also provide reference samples - a previous architectural design element they want to include, an architectural rendering that has the lighting they prefer, an image from a magazine with a preferred style of flooring, etc. In any case, between clear communication and reference imagery we can arrive at the end product that serves your needs.

If you haven’t settled down on the fine details yet, that’s okay! Our animators have a keen eye for composition and interior decorating, and can create a space to fit any tone or theme.

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The magic starts! Our team starts virtually "building" your architectural rendering. At this phase we are not concerned with lighting or coloration, just getting the model's shape and dimension accurately built. Once your architectural visualization and the surrounding area is constructed, we can discuss how everything fits together, and ensure accuracy.

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All of the materials, such as paint, wallpaper, stucco, flooring, wood grains, fabrics, etc. are applied and lighting is set up. If your architectural rendering requires accurate sunlight, we can set the date and time of day accurately so that the sun streams in the windows or shadows the land exactly as it would in the real world.

Exterior architectural renderings often require detailed landscaping and we maintain a large library of common decorative plants, from potted plants and flowers to shrubs and trees.

Interior architectural renderings often require all kinds of environmental props, from book-stuffed bookshelves to sofas, beds and tables. Trinity maintains a large stock library of detailed and realistic 3D models so that you can choose from among hundreds of stock furniture and art if you don't need a specific model created by us for your interior design.

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If your final deliverable includes an animation, this is the stage where the movement and orientation of the camera is set up. People and vehicles in your architectural animation can be animated so that they are active in the area seen by the camera. Doors can be animated to open and close as the camera travels through.

We always provide architectural rendering clients who request an animation with an evaluation package that includes full animatics (preview movies) and full renders from every second or two of the finished animation so that both movement and appearance can be judged and adjusted over the entire length of the animation.

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At the end of your visualization project, you will have ample opportunity to review and apply changes to the rendering. Both major and minor revision passes are always included in our architectural rendering services, and the project coordinator will work closely with you to include all needed edits.

After the last review phase, the finished visualization is rendered (crunched out by computers) and delivered to you in the format you choose. Trinity Animation maintains an in house computer array so that cost and turnaround time is not dependent on outside firms.

Trinity can produce large format still images suitable for posters or print/web projects from your animation. Any moment from your architectural animation can be computed at high resolution to be used for all your marketing needs.

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