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Kansas City's animation powerhouse, Trinity Animation (Est. 1994), brings your visions to life. We excel in medical, technical, marketing, and augmented/virtual reality animation, crafting award-winning visuals that explain, educate, and inspire. Partner with us for a full-service experience, from concept to final delivery, leveraging cutting-edge technology to achieve the remarkable. Contact us today!


Got a vision that needs a visual hero? Trinity Animation is your secret weapon! We've been crafting stunning animations for over 25 years, specializing in technical, medical, and marketing masterpieces. From intricate schematics to showstopping product demos, we translate your ideas into pixels that pack a punch. Contact us today and let's make your vision a reality!

Incinerator Energy Production

Unleash the magic of animation with Trinity Animation! Since 1994, we've been transforming complex concepts into captivating visuals across technical, medical, and marketing realms. Our Kansas City studio is your one-stop shop for bringing ideas to life, no matter the medium. Let's brew some visual magic together!

Microscopic Muscle Animation

Animation that's as smart as it is stunning? Look no further than Trinity Animation! We're the Kansas City studio blending technical expertise with creative flair, specializing in medical, engineering, and marketing animations. From demystifying complex processes to showcasing innovative products, we bridge the gap between knowledge and engagement. Let's illuminate your project with the power of animation!

Technical Animation Demo Reel

One-size-fits-all animation? Not here! At Trinity Animation, we craft bespoke animations that perfectly capture your unique brand and message. Whether you need to explain a medical procedure, launch a new product, or simply tell your story in a captivating way, we're your animation allies. Our Kansas City studio offers a full range of services to bring your vision to life, exactly as you imagined it.

Inhaler Method of Action

Want to turn heads and drive results? Trinity Animation is your secret weapon! We're the Kansas City animation studio that specializes in creating marketing animations that grab attention, engage viewers, and ultimately drive conversions. From product demos to explainer videos, we craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience. Let's unlock the power of animation to boost your brand and achieve your marketing goals!

Archer Environment Animation

Tired of flat presentations? Trinity Animation injects life into your ideas! Since 1994, we've been Kansas City's go-to animation studio for technical, medical, and marketing marvels. From crafting clear explainer videos to showcasing products that pop, we're your animation wingmen from script to screen. Let's turn your vision into reality, frame by stunning frame!

Motion Graphics Animation Demo Reel

Need to explain a complex process? Launch a groundbreaking product? Or simply captivate your audience? Trinity Animation's got your back (and your storyboard)! We're the Kansas City animation studio with over 25 years of experience, specializing in making knowledge fun and visuals unforgettable. Whether it's 3D marvels or whiteboard magic, we craft animations that educate, engage, and excite!

Bicycle Marketing Animation

Don't let jargon and complexity confuse your audience. Trinity Animation, your Kansas City animation partner, translates the complex into captivating visuals. We specialize in technical, medical, and marketing animations that bring concepts to life in a way that resonates. No more furrowed brows, just wide-eyed wonder! Let's turn your "huh?" moments into "wow!" experiences with the power of animation.

Creek Bed Dredging

Animation doesn't have to break the bank. At Trinity Animation, we offer high-quality animation solutions at prices that fit your budget. We're the Kansas City studio that works closely with you to understand your needs and create animations that deliver impact without draining your resources. From explainer videos to product demos, we'll help you achieve your goals without sacrificing quality or creativity. Let's unlock the power of animation without breaking the bank!

Here are just a few of Our Clients


By using the animation prepared by Trinity in a step by step process, we were able to see how the ROV interfaced with our system. By doing this, we were able to go back and redesign tooling and processes to streamline the operation. This saves a huge amount of money related to ROV costs, support vessels, manpower, time, etc. It even helped us redesign some features to streamline the manufacturing process.

Larry Carlisle - Oil States

I’ve been working with Trinity Animation for the past 15 years, and have always walked away in amazement at the level of work they do. Top notch visualizations from a top notch team.

Dave Willard - BLACK & VEATCH

...Trinity has been one of my favorite groups to work with. Without fail, everyone with whom we have had contact had a fantastic attitude, was super professional, and of course talented to boot. Trinity has played a pivotal role in many of our most successful design projects.

Brent White - Design Director - TESSER

Trinity Animation has been integral to our production process over the years, consistently delivering 3-D environments on time and on budget.

Neal Holman - Art Director for Archer - Floyd County

Trinity's attention to detail allowed for an easy transition from complicated analytical data to a clear and engaging visual story.

Will Nelson - HUMATEC

Trinity was a real pleasure to work with. They communicated efficiently, provided excellent creativity and ultimately gave us a high quality animation that was beyond other media alternatives.

Chris Morton - TACHIKARA, INC.
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