Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may find yourself asking.
Do you create still images or animations, or both?
We can provide an array of stills and animations for your project. If we are creating animations, it's very simple to provide high-resolution still images from moments in your animation for you to use for posters, web site imagery, or even promotional coffee mugs!
What does it cost?
At Trinity Animation, we provide a custom quote based on exactly the project you have in mind. We don't charge for computational ("render farm") time - it's included. We also include any needed stock models from our vast library, phone conferences and project review. The only factor is the amount of hours our artists will dedicate to your project. There are no royalties or usage limitations afterwards; the finished product is yours to use forever in any way you wish, once the project fee is paid.
What does your quote include? How much can I change it?
We always include a "major" and a "minor" revision phase so that you have a chance to revise and fine tune your project. The major review phase allows any number of edits, as long as they are within the project scope. The minor review phase allows further refinement to your major revisions. We can quote additional review phases if you prefer more opportunities for edits or changes.
What do you deliver to me, exactly?
Most of our animations are requested to be HD, 1920x1080 resolution and are usually delivered in MP4 format. However we can provide raw frames or any other common movie format. Still images are usually requested to be PNG or TIFF format, but we work in full dynamic range so we can provide EXR frames if you want them. We can also provide masks for elements in the image if you wish to further edit our deliverable via Photoshop or After Effects.
How do I get a quote?
For still images, usually we are provided a text description, and/or a sketch, and optionally a reference to other example images that have aspects you like. For an animation, we usually start with a script of the action and any narration; and we can provide a Word template or even help you write it. Send any 3D models you will provide so we can load and confirm it. It's also helpful if you provide reference (youtube, vimeo links) to other work you think is a good example of some of the elements of your project. We won't start work without providing you with a detailed proposal to make sure we are in full agreement.
What is typical delivery time?
Delivery time varies by the size of the project, but usually our projects are a few weeks from start to finish including revision phases.
Do you require advance payment?
We require 50% of the total fee at the start of the project. We'll invoice the final 50% at the conclusion of the project.
I'm going to need a voice-over in English, Spanish and Farsi - can you help me with that?
Yes, we can help you find translators and voice talents that will give you all the versions you need for international use of your animation. We can also coordinate royalty-free or commissioned music tracks for your unlimited use on your project.
Sometimes my process or product changes over the course of some years. Can I revise it later?
Yes - we archive all projects indefinitely, and computer scenes can often be quickly revised for needed changes. So you can come back a month or a decade later and revise your project in any way. We can work on an hourly basis or provide a quote for your list of changes.
My project is currently considered confidentail, will you agree to keep it private?
Yes, we can agree to keep your work private. We can provide our non-disclosure agreement (NDA), or we can sign your NDA.
I have a 3D model, how should I send it?
We can import and use virtually any 2D or 3D file you have, and providing it will definitely reduce the quote since we won't have to develop your scene from scratch. Most clients provide CAD or solid models in STEP, RVT, DWG, FBX or similar formats. If you have line art for logos or 2D floor plans, it is usually provided as a PDF or AI file.
Do you outsource the animation work to freelancers, or persons/companies outside of the United States?
All work is performed in our animation offices in the Kansas City, Missouri area (Central time zone). We do not outsource any part of your project. This helps assure maximum efficiency and quality of art for our clients.