Want to take your presentation to the next level? Trinity Animation has you covered with realtime augmented and virutal reality animations.

Dog AR Video

AR Animal Pharma App

Partnering with a veterinary science company, Trinity Animation developed an Augmented Reality application to convey warning signs of idiopathic epilepsy in dogs. Showing the real-world look of how this dangerous disease can manifest in dogs, Trinity Animation was able to show pet owners what to do if it should happen with their pet.
Unreal Engine Interactive Apartment Tour in VR | Trinity Animation

Unreal Engine Apartment Tour

For realtors, rental companies, or home builders, a virtual walkthrough of a living space is an invaluable marketing tool. Homes or apartments can be shown in detail with a variety of interactive options like time of day, wallpaper, furniture, countertops and more. Animation unlocks a new world of visualization for the resident to see their future home in a variety of different ways. Trinity Animation has worked extensively with architects and builders across the country to achieve photorealistic quality in these virtual walkthroughs.
AR Heart

AR Tabletop Heart

Trinity Animation has a long history at the cutting edge of the medical animation field. In this video, using augmented reality animation, Trinity can create a beating heart out of thin air. This animation is applicable in a variety of ways especially through teaching, to place the interactive heart model right in front of students.
Unreal Miami River Apartments

Unreal Engine Miami River Apartments

This full-concept view of an aparment complex in Miami can be seen in detail through virtual reality. Trinity Animation partnered with a long-time Miami-based builder to put together this fly-through of the exterior of an apartment complex in daytime. Using builder schematics and plans, we were able to render the building and give a view of the completed building for the builder to present.

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