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When your advertising needs perfection and gloss beyond reality.

Marketing Animation

Dazzle the competition and turn heads with beautiful marketing animation.
Marketing animation Image Map Full Sketch of soup commercial. Wireframe rendering of soup commercial. Solid rendering of soup commercial. Final rendering of soup commercial.


We Focus on Your Needs

Trinity Animation Studio's top priority is always to take care of our customers and meet their goals. We deliver top-notch animation within your project time and budget. We show you our work in progress to guide the final result and we make sure you are satisfied with our 3D computer animation services.


A Synergy of Art and Technology

Working in the Midwestern United States since 1994, Trinity Animation leverages technology and the skills of many talented artists to provide top-notch visuals to almost every industry. Technology allows our computer animation studio to go beyond the ordinary and create stunning, cinematic results.


The Best Imagery and Animation

Trinity Animation creates beautiful imagery: Moving or still, 2D or 3D or other media, technical or imaginative. If you need to tell a story, market a product, explain a procedure, or just show people a beautiful image of what could be – count on Trinity Animation as your animation studio.


Trinity Animation has been integral to our production process over the years, consistently delivering 3-D environments on time and on budget.

Neal Holman - Art Director for Archer - Floyd County

Video Gallery

Some examples of what our 3d marketing animation can do for your campaign.
Cowtown sauces marketing animation.
BBQ Sauce Marketing Animation
Created for a hometown brand, this short advertising animation for Cowtown Rubs and Sauces tells a classic love story. This marketing animation focuses on branding and bottle design, illustrating the range and variety of products.
Trilliant non-photorealistic smart grid animation.
Non-Photo Realistic Energy Grid Animation
This animation clip was made for an energy company whose goal was to outline the benefits of smart grid technology. The world may be populated by monopoly pieces, but the clean and simple style invites the viewer to focus on the client's message.
National Furniture's Upwards Chair animation.
Stacking Chairs Marketing Animation
This marketing animation for Villa Seating by Kimball is a playful and lighthearted take on stack chairs. Villa adapts easily to any environment, the pieces gliding into place and then reorganizing to the beat of the music.
CRC Coachworks Corvette redesign animation.
Car Transformation Marketing Animation
CRC Coachworks challenged Trinity to create an animation showing how they transform a modern Corvette back to the glory days of 1967. The driver can enjoy the convenience and luxury of a modern vehicle, but pay tribute to the classic 1967 style. The animation uses intriguing transition effects and advanced lighting techniques.

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Image Gallery

They say a picture says a thousand words. Our 3d marketing animation agrees.
Side view rendering of a knock-off wheel for a 1967 Corvette rebody.
Close up rendering of the 1967
Full view rendering of a 1967 Corvette rebody design that installs on a modern Corvette.
Dramatic cover illustration of two 1967 Corvette rebody designs parked near a tunnel exit.
Corvette Animation Service
A collection of stills created from the finished Corvette model. These weren’t actually used in the animation, and were provided separately to be used as 3d marketing animation.
3D rendering advertisement for pasta, with angel hair pasta arranged in a bowl and garnished as a female hairstyle.
A computer visualization for an advertisement showing thin spaghetti pasta in a bowl designed to look like a lady's hairstyle.
The asian inspired hairstyle ad for this pasta brand.
The afro hairstyle advertisement rendering created with nothing more than angel hair pasta, a white bowl and garnishes.
Pasta Marketing Animation
Created for Saatchi & Saatchi by Trinity’s animation service, these whimsical bowls of pasta show the different hairstyles the noodles might choose around the globe. Advanced rendering techniques were employed to create this 3d marketing animation, such as subsurface scattering. This gave the noodles a realistic appearance, even as they were styled in an impossible fashion.
A beauty rendering of a single bottle of beer produced at high resolution and useful for any marketing purpose.
The european beer lineup of beauty shots, with each bottle rendering perfect for use in any print or web advertising.
Boulevard Beer Marketing Animation
Boulevard Beer wanted Trinity to create 3d marketing animation for their different bottle and label styles, including variations on their distinctive cardboard box packaging. Every factor of the bottles was rendered, from condensation to carbonation. Later, Trinity’s animation service created a brief animation of one of the bottles, displaying what a full range of motion could do for the 3d marketing animation that had already been made.
A still from the marketing animation showing a close up of the soup can label with the background blurred out.
A frame from the advertisement with the animated plant surrounding the soup can fully grown.
A view from the animated commercial showing the soup can now morphed into a pumpkin, with the rest of the dining room still visible.
Soup Animation Service
An internal animation service project of a fictional line of soups, this animated commercial showed how something as mundane as a can of soup could be transformed into dazzling 3d marketing animation. In the full animation, the can on the table grows vines and leaves, eventually exploding forth into a pumpkin before the viewer’s very eyes.
A still rendering from the commercial showing the empty ice cream container and the falling stones appearing from the right.
A close up rendering from the advertisement with the container at center and the ice cream stones falling all around it.
A close up rendering of just the ice cream container, with full and realistic detail so that it is suitable for any print or web marketing use.
Ice Cream Marketing Animation
These stills were taken from a brief animation for a hypothetical brand of ice cream, Hailstone, for 3d marketing animation. Simulating its namesake, the ice cream dots come flying in from off camera, blanketing the area and drawing attention to the branding on the side and lid of the cup. This animation demonstrates one of the more advanced physical simulations available when you use our animation service.
Reference drawing for this project showing an isometric view of a commercial kitchen.
A shaded wireframe rendering of the commercial kitchen design created for this cartoon background.
A view of the commercial kitchen interior that is split between wireframe and fully realistically rendered cartoon background art.
A delivered cartoon background image with realistic shading, depicting a commercial kitchen interior.
A still frame from Archer of the commercial kitchen interior, combining Trinity's background illustration with the shaded characters of the show.
Archer Animation Service
Since the shows inception, Trinity’s animation service has been privileged to create the 3d cartoon backgrounds used for the hit FX show, Archer. Almost every background you see in that show was created by Trinity and delivered from multiple angles. Once Floyd County has the stills, they then have their artists touch them up and give them the stylized look that Archer is famous for. Setting the scene can be challenging, as each individual piece of each room needs to be delivered on its own layer. This allows the animated characters to move behind or inside the different set pieces. For more information on Trinity’s involvement in Archer, check out our blog!
Marketing rendering of the VIP area of a private jet, including bright exterior sunlight entering from the port windows, illuminating a meeting table and sofa.
A rendered view looking towards the cockpit of a proposed private jet interior, showing the full seating and table design.
A private jet interior rendering with a large sofa at right and meeting table area at left, with sunlight dappling the interior through a few open windows.
A rendered view from the front seating area of a private jet, just behind the cockpit area and showing the adjacent table.
Aircraft Interior Marketing Animation
Trinity’s animation service has created many different aircraft interior visualizations. These are generally used for advertising or marketing animation, showing prospective buyers exactly what the inside of their plane could look like before it’s even built. These are high end customized jets, so it is rare that two end up looking exactly the same.
A marketing image of an LED light emitting device in a red/white configuration.
A product marketing rendering of the Clear Rayz device in blue light mode.
Product Marketing Animation
The Quasar Clear Rayz is a device that delivers a large amount of infrared light to your skin, which can help with blemishes or other skin irregularities.


How we Work

We have an organized and efficient workflow to get your project done.
  • Goals
  • Reference
  • Construction
  • Beauty
  • Action
  • Finalize

First we sit down and determine exactly what you are looking for with your 3d marketing animation. After we are all clear on the goals of the project, our animation service will be able to let you know exactly what to expect so that there are no surprises down the road. We will put in writing the projected budget and timeline to make sure that you are satisfied before any work begins.


At this stage, you are encouraged to give us any kind of reference marketing animation you may have, from branding designs to actual product samples. If you have storyboards or concept animation, that’s even better!

You may even wish to point at other examples you have created in the past to use as direction. We are adept at matching and creating any style that you can find.

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Here our animation service gets to work building your 3d marketing animation. If it’s a product, you will see all of the pieces, separately and together. Motion graphics or visual effects? This is where they take form. Throughout this stage, you will get to see drafts of your marketing animation, and give revisions to ensure that you are perfectly satisfied with the direction your project is going.

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Once your scene is built by our animation service, all of the other fine details are added. If you don’t have a solid plan for what kind of environment you would like built, that’s fine! Trinity has a huge library of stock models that can be used to populate any scene, and flesh out your 3d marketing animation.

You can also determine exactly how you would like your scene or product to look. The colors and materials used are nailed down in this stage, creating beautiful 3d marketing animation for your advertising campaign.

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If you have selected to have an animation created by our animation service instead of just still marketing animation, this is where we refer back to your described camera path and angles. The animators draw the path inside of the model, and will test each scene to ensure that everything looks the way that it should.

You will also have delivered to you a compressed package that will have a draft animation (animatic) and a series of images representing a render of every 30th frame of animation (one for each second).

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Every client of our animation service has included in their contract both a major and minor revision cycle. To ensure that your 3d marketing animation is of the highest quality and meets all of your expectations, you will have an opportunity to make any changes that you would like to the animation.

Once these have been applied, your animation will go for its final rendering pass. This takes some time as the computer crunch the numbers and create your final product. At this point we can also render out any still frames from your animation in glorious high definition, so that you can use them for other marketing purposes such as web sites or trade show booths.

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