Product Visualization

Beautiful renderings that will show your product even if it has never been built.

Product Marketing

Beautiful product marketing visualizations that will show your product even if it has never been built.
Product Marketing Rendering Image Map Full Sketch of Connectrac Cable rendering. Wireframe rendering of Connectrac Cable Solution. Solid rendering of Connectrac Cable Solution. Finished rendering of Connectrac Cable Solution.


We Focus on Your Needs

Trinity Animation Studio's top priority is always to take care of our customers and meet their goals. We deliver top-notch animation within your project time and budget. We show you our work in progress to guide the final result and we make sure you are satisfied with our 3D computer animation services.


A Synergy of Art and Technology

Working in the Midwestern United States since 1994, Trinity Animation leverages technology and the skills of many talented artists to provide top-notch visuals to almost every industry. Technology allows our computer animation studio to go beyond the ordinary and create stunning, cinematic results.


The Best Imagery and Animation

Trinity Animation creates beautiful imagery: Moving or still, 2D or 3D or other media, technical or imaginative. If you need to tell a story, market a product, explain a procedure, or just show people a beautiful image of what could be – count on Trinity Animation as your animation studio.


Trinity was a real pleasure to work with. They communicated efficiently, provided excellent creativity and ultimately gave us a high quality animation that was beyond other media alternatives.

Chris Morton - TACHIKARA, INC.

Video Gallery

Products in motion. Assembly animations, exploded product views, and demonstrations.
Connectrac cable management solution animation.
Cable Organization Product Marketing Visualization
Connectrac was presented with a unique problem when they began to market their cable management solution. Typical installation takes place before the rooms are finished, so the entire area is full of bare floors and construction rubble. Originally, they had shot videos showing workers installing the cables, but it was a very spartan video. That’s where we came in. We were able to take what would be a fairly mundane procedure and jazz it up with a beautiful product marketing rendering. Every piece of the system comes together on its own, flying through the air to be added in. Once the cables are finished, the furnishings of the room sweep in, showing how the system integrates flawlessly with any decor.
SolFocus solar array installation animation.
Solfocus Solar Array Product Marketing Rendering
This is an installation animation displaying the ease that the SolFocus solar array can be deployed. SolFocus had difficulty communicating that installation was fast and painless, so employed Trinity Animation to create an animation that showed all of the distinct steps.
Villa furniture demonstration animation.
KIMBALL VILLA Product Visualization
This realistic product marketing rendering for Villa Seating by Kimball displays with ease how modular the seating solution is, and how easily it can adapt to any environment. The pieces move and glide through the product visualization, placing themselves and then reorganizing, all at a brisk pace. We also created multiple environments for the seating to be placed in, from a modern office lounge to a top secret government building.
Boulevard Brewing Company animation.
Boulevard Product Marketing Visualization
When Boulevard Brewing Company wanted to create a new line of print advertisements for their extensive line of craft beers, they knew from the start that traditional photography would be cumbersome. Trinity Animation was contracted to created a branded product marketing rendering. When representing beer, a number of factors need to be considered, including the amount of light passing through the liquid and the size and density of the bubbles in the head of the beer. A helpful benefit is the ease of changing labels on renderings, as labels are frequently redesigned.

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Image Gallery

Still product marketing renderings of your design to be used in web or print marketing.
White room rendering of a two person sauna with the front removed to reveal the interior.
Rendering of a large sauna in one corner of a hotel room.
Rendering of a large sauna beside an indoor swimming pool.
Infrared Sauna Product Marketing Visualization
Sunlighten Saunas wanted a realistic product marketing rendering for their new line of infrared saunas, the MPulse. Trinity created the model, and then inserted it into a number of varied environments. The goal was to show how the MPulse could be integrated into any area or decor, not just at a health club or spa. Once the product renderings were completed, Trinity also completed a short animation, that displayed the disparate parts of the sauna exploding apart. This gave prospective buyers a better look at the inner workings of the sauna.
White room rendering of a high back task chair in black leather with chrome trim.
White room rendering of a black leather high back task chair with head support.
Rendering of a sleek ultra modern aluminum and leather high back task chair with polished base.
A rendering of a black leather high back task chair against a white background.
Three task chair renderings for Kimball Office and Interstuhl, including Silver, Mitos and Xantos chairs in black leather.
Task Chair Product Marketing Rendering

The Silver task chair by Kimball is a great example of Trinity’s office furniture product marketing rendering.

We can take your designs and ideas and translate them into beautiful product visualizations. Any aspect can be changed to suit your needs, from the colors used to the materials used in the construction. Because the model is completely digital, customization of your realistic product rendering can occur in a fraction of the time it would take to build another prototype.

Once the rendering is completed, it can be showcased in any location you can imagine. Our animators will construct an environment to best showcase your design, using the same care and attention demonstrated with your model. Beautiful lighting and shadow will further enhance the sense of realism in your product rendering, causing you to feel like you are in the room with your chair.

Computer generated rendering of a coffee shop environment with a table top power system in the foreground powering a laptop computer.
Close up rendering of a business table top with a mounted ECA hub in the center that is providing power to multiple devices.
A  rendering of a recreational area with a foreground table containing a fliptop power center, that is providing power to two electronic devices.
Top view rendering of a cubicle workspace with a flip top style ECA power hub providing power to devices on the desk.
Power Distribution Product Marketing Rendering

Electri-Cable Assemblies (or ECA) had a new tower base for USB/power/ethernet product called Isle. The first order of business was to produce product marketing renderings in various finishes so that the product could be marketed before waiting for manufacturing to ramp up. In this case, a prototype existed, but not in the desired variety of finishes. Starting from provided 3D digital solid model files, Trinity created white, black and silver beauty shot product renderings for ECA.

In addition to the Isle product renderings and animation, we created product shots for the entire ECA line. Each piece was rendered separately, and then inserted into an environment to show how it would integrate into a typical working environment.

3D rendering of every item from a list of parts included in a Yale locks electronic deadbolt system.
Exploded view rendering showing the installation process for a Yale locks electronically controlled deadbolt.
Rendered view of a finished installation showing the Yale keypad controller mounted on the door.
Yale Product Marketing Visualization
As with the Yale animation above, these stills from the product marketing visualization were selected to represent the installation process of a door lock. Every second of your animation is composed of 30 frames, and each frame can be turned into a high resolution still to be used in web or print marketing.
A white room rendering of a repositionable medical bed, configured into a seated position with stirrups in place.
A white room marketing image of a flat medical bed in a standard flat position.
Marketing rendering of a repositionable medical bed, configured to allow a seated position for the patient.
A complex medical bed with casters and a red vinyl finish, with attached medical hardware.
Hospital Bed Product Marketing Visualization
A full line of medical bed product marketing renderings completed for Kemper. Often it can be difficult to get a photo shoot completed in a medical environment. We all know that hospitals never shut down. With a realistic product rendering, you don't have to worry about any imperfections that might arise in a physical environment; only the best aspects of your medical product are emphasized. Additionally, each individual aspect and moving part of your hospital bed can be highlighted in a product rendering or animation.
3D rendering of a racetrack-style office table in a conference room, with Kimball Silver style chairs surrounding it.
Computer generated imagery of office desking furniture designed to conceal a computer case.
Rendering of a conference table finished in white, depicted in a high rise office area.
Rendering of a seating area with complimentary pillow accessories and power hub enabled sitting tables.
Rendering of a modern style meeting table in a well lit conference room with wooden floors.
Office Furniture Product Marketing Rendering

In 2012, Hi5 Furniture began production on a new full color catalog of their product line. They would use all product marketing rendering rather than photography, so many unique environments and many detail close-ups would be required.

Working with art direction from Iconic Revolution (Chicago), Trinity Animation developed and fine-tuned each unique environment to match the style and feel of the associated Hi5 model line. Environments needed for the furniture renderings would include conference, hospitality, training, mobile, nesting tables and several other categories. Each environment needed to appear modern and fresh, without distracting from the featured tables.

One way to keep the budget focused on the important items (in this case – the tables) is to use stock 3D models for set dressing where possible. With tens of thousands of stock models available at no added charge in Trinity Animation’s library to populate scenes, it was easy to find chairs, sofas, light fixtures, pillows and electronics to dress each set. We take care to have fully contemporary electronic models, so that scenes don’t show laptops or TVs that date it back a couple of Presidential Administrations. Trinity purchases and creates stock models frequently, to improve this virtual warehouse of props. Clients can browse and select props directly if they wish.

3D rendering of a library commons area with a bookshelf in the background, with laptops on large desks powered by a cable channel.
Rendering of a series of library desks showing the power channel that provides electricity to the laptops on the desks.
Close up rendering of a power outlet on a cable wireway providing ethernet and power to the devices above.
Computer rendering of a partially installed wireway in a college commons area, showing carpet tiles that can overlay the wire management hardware.
A cross section rendering of a cable management channel running under a carpeted floor, showing the internal cables.
Cable Management Product Rendering

Trinity Animation worked with Connectrac to create a 3D product marketing rendering of their power and cable management systems. These animations display in detail how power and data can be routed over existing floors, or built into a brand new one. This removes the ever present eyesores of cable 'nests' around an office, and enhances overall safety by eliminating tripping hazards.

This was a perfect opportunity to market with a 3D product visualization of the system. While setting up a standard photo shoot to show off the system would have been possible, the high quality animations created by Trinity Animation show the process step by step. Starting from a bare room, the elements are placed one by one, until you can see how the cable organizational solution blends into the surroundings.

Our animators can stage your product in any environment you wish and give you any number of shots and angles. Using the latest in animation and realistic product rendering techniques, we will create a 3D product rendering that is sure to impress your clients and investors.

Rendering of a modular desking system with semi transparent white privacy panels between 6 workstation areas.
Rendering of a large common desking area for six workstations, with a frosted glass partition.
3D visualization of a large multi person desking system for four employees, including a combination storage and visitor seating base.
Rendering of a meeting room with a large modern table for eight persons, with textured walls and abstract art.
A rendering of a large circular white meeting table in a business conference room with whiteboard and projection screen.
Desk Product Visualization

A desk furniture product marketing rendering created by Trinity Animation can lessen many stresses associated with marketing a new furniture line. Typically, to market a new desk line, a whole range of prototypes is required. Perhaps even two or three variations of each to show off different colors and finishes. The pieces must be staged (generally in a constructed environment), and great care must be taken to ensure that the imagery comes across as being perfect. No scuffs, stray shadows, or dust.

As you can imagine, this amounts to a monumental task, requiring considerable investment of capital and labor hours. If instead a desk furniture product visualization is used, the same effect can be achieved without the hassle. The finished stills or animations can be used in any number of applications, from print to web, or even blown up larger than life as a tradeshow backdrop.

Side view of a fully rendered racing bicycle.
Front view of a fully rendered bicycle, emphasizing the racing handlebars.
Side view of the handlebars of a fully rendered bicycle.
Ground angle view of a rendered bicycle, looking up at the gear assembly.
Racing Bicycle Product Marketing Rendering

When creating a high end product, you want to have the best possible representation for your product marketing efforts. With a product visualization by Trinity Animation, you can display only the best features of your product, without any of the blemishes or difficulties of real photo shoots.

3D rendering of an ornate ring including a large solitaire diamond with two pear cut smaller diamonds on a platinum setting with a gold band.
Rendering of a unique solitaire ring with a rose gold upper half and white gold lower half, with many small highlighting diamonds on its periphery.
Rendering of a heavily jeweled ring design with filigree on all edges and dozens of highlighting small diamonds surrounding a large central solitaire diamond.
Jewelry Product Marketing Visualization

A stunning example of how detailed realistic product marketing renderings can be, this series of images focuses on high end diamond engagement rings. Each ring is presented in such a pristine fashion, they look almost too good to be real. A series of jewelry product renderings like this would also be highly customizable. Each aspect could be changed almost at whim.

A beauty shot of the water heater proposed design, suitable for marketing brochures.
A dramatic ground-up marketing visualization of the heater design.
Rendering of the top portion of a water heater design that displays the hookups and other details.
Water Heater Product Marketing Visualization

Rinnai needed to display their new line of water heaters, but they didn’t have a prototype made. We stepped in and created a line of product marketing renderings, both white room isolation shots and environment shots. This allowed Rinnai to market with their new product far earlier than they would have been able to otherwise.

A beauty rendering of the Triton Sawfish, a remote underwater submersible shown in three quarter view with bright yellow finish.
A split view rendering showing the Triton Sharc, with the usually near opaque underwater portion depicted clearly enough to show the underwater operation of the product.
Underwater Log Removal Product Marketing Visualization

Triton wanted to display their Sawfish submersible tree cutter, but had difficulty with traditional media. Trinity Animation was able to create a product marketing animation that displayed with ease how the product worked, and exactly the benefits that it could provide for a prospective client.

With our photo-real imagery, your product marketing is no longer bound by the limits of fabrication and photography. Market sooner and better with Trinity Animation.

How we Work

We have an organized and efficient workflow to get your project done.
  • Goals
  • Reference
  • Construction
  • Beauty
  • Action
  • Finalize

Before any work begins, we sit down with you and determine exactly what purpose your animation or product marketing rendering will serve. Are you using as proof of concept, or for early marketing efforts? Once we have an idea of what will be required to bring your design to life, we put in writing exactly what you can expect in the coming weeks. Every aspect of your product rendering is put to paper, with a detailed budget and timeline.


At this stage, you provide us with whatever samples you have of your product. Design sketches, CAD models, or physical samples are generally best. You can also help lend artistic direction, by citing other product renderings or animations that you would like us to take inspiration from.

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We model and build your design! Here is where your imagination comes alive, to where you can see it on the computer screen. We ensure that the model is flawless, and ready for either animation or still product renderings.

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At this stage, we use the reference materials provided by you earlier to make your product rendering beautiful. Materials and colors are applied, and then tweaked to give a heightened sense of realism. If you desire your product to be displayed in a photorealistic environment, this is also where that is built and populated.

Additional camera effects can be applied as well, such as depth of field or lens flare. Everything will come together into a beautiful product visualization that you will be excited to share with the rest of your company and the world!

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Using the script or storyboard you provided, your product can be animated to move and display all of the features of your product for the rendering. From exploded views showing every screw and spring, to cutaways that display the inner workings, nothing is off the table.

Before anything is set in stone, you will be provided with a draft animation (called an animatic) as well as fully rendered stills of every second.

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Included in each contract are both a major revision pass and a minor. This makes sure that when you see your product visualization, you will be able to make changes to ensure that the finished animation lives up to your standards. When all of your changes have been applied, your animation will enter its final rendering stage, spending time in a large bank of computers while the programs crunch the numbers to make your visualization.

In the end you will be given your final product however you like. We can give you a whole range of deliverables, ready to be shared on social media and Youtube, or included on your web page or print brochures.

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