Technical Animation

Beautiful and descriptive 3D technical animation production and rendering to demonstrate your process or technique.

Technical Animation

Discover gorgeous and complex technical animation films from Kansas City's Premier 3D Animation Company.
Technical Animation Image Map Full Sketch of Zentech Arctic Oil Rig. Wireframe rendering of Zentech Arctic Oil Rig. Solid rendering of Zentech Arctic Oil Rig. Finished rendering of Zentech Arctic Oil Rig.


We Focus on Your Needs

Trinity Animation Studio's top priority is always to take care of our customers and meet their goals. We deliver top-notch animation within your project time and budget. We show you our work in progress to guide the final result and we make sure you are satisfied with our 3D computer animation services.


A Synergy of Art and Technology

Working in the Midwestern United States since 1994, Trinity Animation leverages technology and the skills of many talented artists to provide top-notch visuals to almost every industry. Technology allows our computer animation studio to go beyond the ordinary and create stunning, cinematic results.


The Best Imagery and Animation

Trinity Animation creates beautiful imagery: Moving or still, 2D or 3D or other media, technical or imaginative. If you need to tell a story, market a product, explain a procedure, or just show people a beautiful image of what could be – count on Trinity Animation as your animation studio.


By using the animation prepared by Trinity in a step by step process, we were able to see how the ROV interfaced with our system. By doing this, we were able to go back and redesign tooling and processes to streamline the operation. This saves a huge amount of money related to ROV costs, support vessels, manpower, time, etc. It even helped us redesign some features to streamline the manufacturing process.

Larry Carlisle Oil States

I’ve been working with Trinity Animation for the past 15 years, and have always walked away in amazement at the level of work they do. Top notch visualizations from a top notch team.

Dave Willard - BLACK & VEATCH

Technical Animation Gallery

Trinity Animation's Technical Animation gallery showcases the professional and intricate videos we've completed for our clients.
Aerial animation displaying the Wakarusa Wastewater Treatment Site.
Wastewater Treatment Technical Animation
To create a descriptive technical animation for an entirely new wastewater treatment facility, Black & Veatch turned to Trinity Animation. Utilizing aerial photographs, Trinity was able to show precisely the path that the water pipes would take between the pumping house and the main facility. The camera path of the technical animation also leads into the facilities, lingering on the complex pumping machinery that was imported from the CAD models. Every effort was taken to give the viewer a proper sense of perspective when viewing the area.
Technical cutaway animation showing the operation of the SpillX fueling system.
Fueling System Technical Animation
A genius solution to a problem that has plagued the locomotive industry for years, the SpillX fueling system removes many of the difficulties faced by fueling technicians. Constructed so that only one operator is required, the intelligent nozzle can sense when the large tank is almost full, and automatically cut off the supply of fuel. To display this, Trinity Animation created a descriptive industrial animation that strongly focused on x ray views that could show the mechanisms in detail.
Industrial Flour Sifter by Trinity Animation - Kansas City's Top 3D Animation Company. Project completed for Kansas-based Great Western Manufacturing
Industrial Flour Sifter Technical Animation
The process of sifting flour has been around for hundreds of years and is a staple to early food production. Showcasing this process in never-before-seen detail was the task for our animation team in this Industrial Flour Sifter animation. Working with the legendary Kansas-based Great Western Manufacturing, Trinity's team of talented animators brought the age-old process to life with modern technology.
Explore Trinity Animation's Technical Demo reel and see some of our best videos and animation projects.
Technical Animation Demo Reel
Trinity Animation has spent 25 years building a reputation of being one of the top 3D animation companies in the Midwest. Featuring a team of talented 3D artists, Trinity Animation has brought thousands of projects from concept to completion while offering our famous world-class customer service. Explore our technical demo reel and see why Trinity has become the trusted animation partner for our customers worldwide.

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Image Gallery

Still images to compliment the technical animation.
3d visualization of a jackup rig with helipad, traveling out to sea with full ocean visible in the background.
Front view rendering of a jackup rig in the process of jacking up in the gulf ocean, with water streaming off the front bow.
X-ray rendering of an oil rig operator and the jack-up rig machinery showing how the internal mechanics of a the rig appear within the hull.
A rendered see-through view of the jack-up rig mechanics with an operator at the base of the equipment.
Machinery Technical Animation
The Zentech Zenlock technical animation went into great detail, describing how their proprietary system was able to elevate the entire jackup oil rig smoothly. Animated humans were added near the apparatus to give an accurate sense of scale. The technical animation also features an x ray effect, highlighting only the most important parts of the system.
Animated view of sea floor with submersible robot approaching sea bed assembly at left.
Rendering of seafloor equipment with connecting piping dropped in from ocean surface above, submersible standing by at left.
Close up rendering of sea floor piping assembly connection.
Three quarter view of sea floor equipment with submersible robot arm completing assembly.
Underwater Technical Animation
Underwater technical animations are always a favorite, as the striking imagery demands attention with ease. This descriptive industrial animation created for Oil States illustrates in great detail the process used for their 3 piece clamp system. Taking a video of this process in reality would have been difficult if not impossible, as the depths in which this system is installed restrict vision distance drastically. Instead, Trinity’s animators were able to replicate the light dispersion and wave pattern that you might find in a swimming pool, illuminating the darkness. It might not be 100% accurate to realism, but it is quite beautiful.
Aerial overview rendering of wastewater facility with surrounding area visible in background.
Rendered aerial view of wastewater building layout including dense foliage surrounding the facility.
Treetop level view of wastewater facility, demonstrating landscape coverage and building layout.
Wastewater Facility Technical Animation
Black & Veatch was contracted to design an expansion to the Tomahawk Wastewater Treatment Facility. To illustrate this, Trinity created a technical animation that began by giving an aerial view of the existing site that swiftly morphed into the proposed design. The camera then moved around the perimeter of the facility, alternating from aerial shots to ground views that displayed what the sight lines would be from the highway. Great care was taken to show that the facility expansion would not interfere with the general aesthetic of the area.
A still from the animation of the solar panel assembly illustrating the wire crimping process.
A rendered close up of the end of a solar panel insert, showing its complexity.
A rendering of an assembled solar array on a white background - a frame from the assembly animation.
Solar Panel Technical Animation
Banyan wanted Trinity Animation to create a technical animation that would show the construction steps of their concentrated photovoltaic solar panels. The technical animation shows the cells being arranged into an array, with concentrating mirrors overlaid on top to focus the rays of the sun. The main benefit of this process is that it allows greater energy collection than current methods, while also employing fewer cells.
An aerial rendering of a fictional green neighborhood with a fully integrated solar energy system.
A frame from the animation illustrating the digital interconnection of the solar powered neighborhood of the future.
An aerial rendering of the central roundabout, illustrating the common recreational center of the solar powered neighborhood.
A bird's eye view of the substation that brings solar power to the infrastructure of the proposed neighborhood.
Technical Neighborhood Layout
The Neighborhood of the Future is a technical animation concept created by Southern Company. They imagine a self contained neighborhood, with a hub and spoke system creating more a more organic layout. Each neighborhood would be able to stand on its own, supplemented with ample solar energy to power all of the supplied amenities. The animators at Trinity Animation had a great time digging deep into our extensive library of stock models to populate the scene and give it a sense of reality.
A rendering of the full solar array installed on the desert floor.
A still from the animation depicting the installation of the locator assembly for the large solar panel.
A frame from the assembly animation showing the solar array support beam fully installed.
The full solar array is lowered into place in this frame from the desert solar array installation animation.
Solar Array Installation Animation
Solfocus needed a way to show prospective clients that the installation of their concentrated photovoltaic arrays would be fast and painless. They had created installation videos before, but the surrounding area looking like a construction site did little to assuage the fears of the decision makers. Instead, Trinity Animation created a technical animation that showed the process in a simple, clean environment, accelerated to enhance the perception that speed was paramount.
Panoramic aerial rendering of the facility including fully detailed surrounding areas all the way to the horizon.
An aerial view of the proposed facility with the surrounding city visible in the distance.
A different angle of the proposed facility, depicting the full tree coverage that would mitigate the view from surrounding streets.
An interior rendering of the six story process piping, showing the planned layout of the facility infrastructure.
Facility Upgrade Technical Animation
Utilizing aerial photographs and deft technical animation, the IWRD Solids Processing Facility was displayed fully integrated into the same area that it would occupy.
A detailed realistic aerial rendering of the bridge installation area including trees, parking lots, watercraft and ships and all surrounding buildings.
Bridge Improvement Technical Animation
The Barletta Fall River construction technical animation was created to display to the public how traffic would not be disrupted while the new bridge was under construction. Each stage is outlined, and even color coded so there can be no confusion. The animated traffic was fully simulated, to give a realistic overview of optimal conditions.
A rendered illustration of the lubrication injector system schematic, including the central feed and 14 unique injectors.
A rendered close up of a single Lincoln SL-V lubrication injector, one frame of a demonstration animation.
A rendered schematic of the lubrication flow for a full lubrication injection system.
Injector Array Technical Animation
A beautiful example of burn-away technical animation, the Lincoln SKF valve system is displayed both for informative and marketing purposes. While the entirety of the system is displayed in the stills, the technical animation created for the project shows the outside of one valve being slowly burned away, displaying the inner workings.
A cutaway side view illustration that depicts the various ground strata and the underground installation of a connecting tunnel.
Civil Engineering Cutaway Technical Animation
Civil engineering construction projects can be trying under the best circumstances, but they become exponentially more difficult to complete when large bodies of water are involved. Hatch Mott wanted to illustrate to the public what the finished tunnel under the river would look like, so they turned to Trinity to create a descriptive industrial animation. A series of technical animations were created, peeling away layers of the earth to show the path that the tunnel would take.
A cross sectional view from the demonstrative animation showing the cable tension properties as cable is laid on the seafloor.
An illustration of a square slice of ocean and land to figuratively demonstrate how cable may be laid on the ocean floor for many purposes.
An ocean floor view of a cutaway rendering of the ocean, showing the cable laying ship dispensing cable to the ocean floor accurately.
Cable Installation Technical Animation
Sometimes it is just impossible to show your clients exactly what it is that your product does. That was the case with Makai Lay, a software solution that adjusts the feed of underwater cable. Normally, cable can either be fed too quickly which leads to an inefficient placement on the sea floor, or too slowly which can cause too much tension, leading to further maintenance. Makai Lay uses computational power to optimize the distribution. Trinity used the power of a well constructed technical animation to drive the point home, illustrating that Makai Lay is the best option on the market.
An aerial rendering showing all the various sources of electrical power in a single idealized illustration, including coal power, gas power, wind power, solar power, and nuclear power.
Power Plant Technical Animation
A fully rendered power plant. The areas of construction in the technical animation are highlighted in a subtle blue to draw the viewer’s eye, including the solar fields and wind farm in the distance.

The world wants to know how your project is going to look, how it will work, and how it will solve the problem. With Trinity Animation, you can show them your plan and get back to work.

How we Work

We have an organized and efficient workflow to get your project done.
  • Goals
  • Reference
  • Construction
  • Beauty
  • Action
  • Finalize

The first priority is the goals you have set for your technical animation project. Usually it is to explain something clearly, or to depict an upcoming project's final result in an accurate way for others to review. Sometimes you need "beauty shots" that can do double duty as marketing imagery along with its original use - explaining a product or process with a descriptive industrial animation. Trinity has experience with many options for the best way to show a complex process, including cutaway, x-ray, exploded view, 2D/3D techniques, camera travel or cutting/transitioning, movement via flow paths and many more.

Based on your goals and project plans (including your budget and deadline) our project coordinator can help develop a proposal that is perfect for your needs.


Often there is existing imagery or movies that have some elements that you wish to use as a starting point for your technical animation. Such reference imagery is very helpful in communicating to our artists the look and style they should be working toward. Often a client will have many references for the industrial animation, with each defining the appearance or movement of a single element (i.e., how a rusted panel should appear, how an electric signal in a wire should be depicted visually, etc.).

If you are unsure of this, it's no problem - our artists are excellent at considering options and developing a look that is appealing and that also serves your needs for the project.

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The animators begin building the 3D virtual models that make up all the elements that will be seen in the technical animation. If you have provided CAD or similar 2D or 3D drawings for your project, these will be imported and the "hero" 3D model will be constructed over this to keep it perfectly accurate. If you need rather generic environmental elements such as a suburban neighborhood or a power substation, we already have a large library with detailed models that will likely suffice, reducing the cost of your descriptive technical animation significantly.

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With the models built and accuracy confirmed, the next step is to light and color the scene. Our artists factor in accuracy, beauty and clarity for the viewer so that the process being explained is always optimal. For example, in underwater scenes we often include sunlight dappling on the seafloor, distance fog, light beams and floaters, but never in a way that distracts or diminishes from the actual process or product that is at the center of your industrial animation.

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With everything built, lit and colored, the technical animation can be set up. The mindset of the animator is just like a director - where should we put the viewpoint (camera) to best explain it? How fast should it move? Should we travel to a new spot, or just dissolve or cut to that point? Much of this is approximated from an industrial animation script that starts the project off, but many fine points are tuned in by the artist as the industrial animation is built.

Often your project will require narration and we offer a dozen experienced voice talents as one option. You may choose to select a voice talent and have them send their audio files. We also frequently coordinates foreign translation and narration services (by native speakers) for virtually any language.

For evaluation of the near-final result, an evaluation package is provided to you containing full HD renders from sample points in your project (typically every 30 or 60 frames). We also create a full animatic (a kind of preview movie file) that allows you to fully judge the movement and timing.

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Next you'll review and revise the work in progress. We always budget for a major and a minor review phase for our technical animation. Our project coordinator will note all the needed changes and confirm these in writing via email. Usually the final edits are fairly quick and then the full industrial animation is computed (rendered) on our computational "farm." The finished movie file is sent to you in the format you have selected.

In addition, many clients request large resolution printable images from various points within the technical animation. These can be used for all manner of additional marketing, including print, trade show banner, web, or even coffee cups and t-shirts.

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