3D Imagery and Rendering Services Brochure
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3D Imagery and Rendering Services Brochure

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Cover art for Trinity Animation 3d imagery brochure.

Creating 3D Imagery is what we do.

Some call it virtual photography or photo simulations. We call it art. We offer the finest production services in photorealistic 3D architectural rendering, animation, industrial design and visualization. We service companies worldwide with top quality  workmanship and second-to-none customer service. Our animators are highly skilled professionals with industry experience. We strive to offer you the best possible 3D imaging and rendering services that are timely and cost effective, that achieve your project’s needs.







Photograph vs. Trinity Animation 3d rendering from 3D imagery brochure.

The figure at left illustrates an exercise in recreating a photograph as a rendering. As this demonstrates, our process is accurate and photo real. Trinity offers a great alternative to the transportation, set building and other costly requirements for photography.
These virtual 3D sets provide our clients with almost unlimited flexibility.

About the Process

Each project is unique. Some of the key factors of project complexity include: detail required, the environment, the urgency of the project, and in the case of animations, duration and format.








Interior pages for Trinity Animation 3d imagery and rendering services brochure.

If you can think it, we can make it.

Our clients provide some form of detailed information for the product, accompanied by descriptions and reference images for environment. As we work we send drafts and keep in close contact with our clients to ensure the goals of the image are being achieved. We can build custom environments and prototype elements from CAD files, drawings or even reference photography. The final files can be delivered in most any format to fit your needs.

Rendering images allows the flexibility to display your products in any environment without the cost of renting space or physically setting up a stage and lighting. Since our props are digital, you can browse our vast stock model library online at your leisure, and add as many as you like for almost no additional cost. Or, we can build any custom props that you need to place your product in the best setting you can imagine.

Benefits of 3D Imaging and Rendering Services

  • Completed projects can be restored and modified at any time.
  • Images can show products which don’t exist yet in an environment of your choice.
  • Royalty-free imagery that can be used for posters, brochures, web sites, video presentations and other image and movie formats.
  • We can provide Photoshop masks, layers and cutout detail shots with ease.
  • Images can be crisp and clear at any size.
  • The ability to render at high settings allows you to zoom in on images to show details.
  • We can provide interim draft images for review during the production process for easy project direction.
  • The biggest part of the project is usually scene construction and lighting. Once this work is done, material variations and alternate views can be provided at little additional cost.

“The renderings are so real, our printer couldn’t tell the difference.”
– Dawn Boileau : Hi5 Furniture

“Trinity’s artists have a strong understanding of furniture, materials, and environments. Lighting accents, perceptive camera angles, and color matching are their standards. As a result, Trinity’s 3D imagery is more realistic and impressive than actual photography.”

Trinity Animation has been providing high quality 3D imagery and animations for over 15 years. We can not only match photographic services by creating photo real renderings, but we can surpass them with the possibilities allowed by completely virtual imaging. Once your product or design is 3D modeled, we can demonstrate its function with animations or visualize materials options in a snap. We can zoom into detailed areas and provide crisp views of the most intricate parts. We can even show exploded views or line art to display the technical aspects of your products.

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