Brick by Brick: The Art of Recreating 7th Street Casino
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Brick by Brick: The Art of Recreating 7th Street Casino

How it Started

Working on the advertisements for 7th Street Casino has proven to be a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor.  Within these advertisements was the need to recreate the building in 3D. With each project we make at Trinity Animation, we aim to not only improve on previous work, but also to constantly think of innovative ways to create engaging commercials. Often, this involves revisiting and refining past projects. Especially those that, due to time, budget constraints, or lack of inspiration, ended up in the “I’ll fix it later” pile.  This process generates creative breakthroughs that result in captivating commercials for the client. It’s not just about meeting the client’s expectations; it’s about exceeding them and leaving a lasting impression.

Recreating 3D Buildings

One of the most ambitious undertakings in this project was creating a 3D replica of the 7th Street Casino from scratch.  The designer for this project, Nicholas Kaighen, said, “This was a task I had always wanted to tackle, but previously lacked the time and resources.  Using Blender, satellite images, and my own on-site photos, I meticulously rebuilt the building, brick by brick.” 

Recreating the iconic 7th Street Casino building in 3D was a task that demanded thorough attention to detail and innovative problem-solving. It wasn’t merely about replicating its physical structure, but about capturing its essence—the rich history, the building’s architecture, and the allure that draws visitors in. 

One of the most exhilarating yet technically demanding aspects of this project was animating the marquee that adorned the front of the building. To bring this neon sign to life, we animated the pulsating glow, the flickering bulbs, and the looping light panels.  All of these elements synced seamlessly to exemplify the bustling energy of a casino. The marquee not only became an iconic element of the building, but also served as a focal point for the commercial, adding a dynamic and visually striking component.

Stage 1 of recreating 3d buildings made by Trinity AnimationStage 2 of recreating 3d buildings made by Trinity AnimationStage 3 of recreating 3d buildings made by Trinity Animation

Results of 3D Recreation

The 7th Street Casino is nestled within the walls of an old, Masonic temple. The building’s façade contains many intricate details such as capitals, cornices, and architraves. These architectural elements provided unique learning experiences and pushed our team’s modeling techniques to higher levels.  A personal goal for the project’s designer was to recreate the building’s features accurately without having to rely on taking shortcuts. This serves as a testament to the quality and precision that goes into all of Trinity Animation’s projects.

Overall, this project has been a tribute to the power of persistence paired with creativity in 3D animation. Recreating the 7th Street Casino has not only enhanced our skills but also enriched the quality of our advertisements, making them more captivating and authentic.


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