Trinity Animation on Velocity Channel’s “Corvette Nation”
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Trinity Animation on Velocity Channel’s “Corvette Nation”

CRC Coachworks 67 Corvette Redesign

Trinity Animation’s pre-visualization of the 1967 series rebody design by Classic Reflection Coachworks is airing on each episode of the Velocity Channel’s Corvette Nation TV Series. Classic Reflection Coachworks is a key sponsor of the show, and was featured in detail on the second episode of the new season.

After Trinity’s pre-viz of the C7 design went viral in 2012 (about 4 months prior to the actual car being publicly shown), Classic Reflection Coachworks contacted Trinity about helping visualize their latest design. It was a 1967 C2 series body-style, that would retro-fit onto a sixth generation car. The resulting animation is the source of the commercial, which runs during the show.

(Epilogue – after finished versions of the rebodied Corvette were completed, the animation was replaced with footage of the real deal. But the design was shown, marketed and promoted for pre-sales many months before production had begun.)