ThermoJoe™ – Master House Products
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ThermoJoe™ – Master House Products

Forget boring infomercials and dusty radio ads! ThermoJoe, the travel mug that’s as adventurous as your spirit, just blasted off on a caffeine-fueled journey to the farthest reaches of the internet, courtesy of Trinity Animation. Buckle up, space cadets, because this ain’t your grandma’s cup of joe.

Master House Products, tired of terrestrial marketing tactics, called in the animation A-Team at Trinity to craft a social media ad that would launch ThermoJoe into the stratosphere (and your feed). They wanted to showcase its globe-trotting versatility, but Cliff Rose, the Mastermind behind the mug, craved something…different. Something…cosmic.


Thermojoe ComponentsSo, in a brainstorm worthy of Captain Kirk himself, we hatched a plan. We wouldn’t just show ThermoJoe conquering mountains and beaches (although, it totally could), we’d send it hurtling through wormholes and sipping zero-gravity brews in a neon-lit space station!

But a vision without execution is just space dust. We took Master House Products’ model blueprints and polished them until they gleamed like a supernova. We repurposed a submarine interior into a sleek space station (because, hey, efficiency!), then cranked the sci-fi dial to eleven with glitchy effects and holographic motion graphics that would make Captain Picard do a double-take.


Then came the cherry on top (the whipped cream of the cosmos, if you will): the voiceover. We needed an AI narrator who oozed futuristic authority, someone who could guide you through galactic gulps with a robotic purr. And who better to deliver those lines than Tasia Valenza, the actress who’s graced both Star Wars and Star Trek screens? Her voice was the rocket fuel that propelled this ad into the social media stratosphere.

The result? A ThermoJoe commercial that’s a visual feast, a storytelling rocket ride, and proof that with the right animation team, even your grandma’s coffee mug can have an intergalactic adventure.

So, if your brand is stuck on Earth, yearning for escape velocity, contact Trinity Animation. We’ve got the fuel, the talent, and the imagination to launch your message beyond the likes and shares, straight into the hearts and minds of your consumers. Let’s brew something epic together.


Take a look at the final product here:

Trinity Animation’s ThermoJoe Commercial

Thermojoe Glitch