3D Stadium Renderings – Mizzou
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3D Stadium Renderings – Mizzou

3D Stadium Renderings and Animation

Trinity Animation Created this full set of 3D stadium renderings and an animation of Faurot Field. This is the football stadium for the University of Missouri – Columbia (Mizzou). The finished animation includes moving cars, a completely populated stadium, large numbers of idle people, fully filled parking lots, nearby entourage, foliage and buildings and many more details. The environment is based on the actual Columbia, Missouri surroundings for the stadium, (gleaned from aerial photography) including the outdated basketball arena seen at extreme right in some of the still renderings.

A dusk atmosphere was used for a dramatic sky, but with field lights illuminated, including a “flare” post effect on these bright lights. Thus, the field picks up some illumination from sun and sky but not enough to overpower the night time lighting scheme that adds a dynamic intensity to the imagery.

Still Images

In these stills the quality level of the hundreds of parked cars is evident. Each 3D model car is fully detailed to hold up under close up viewing, including interiors, reflections and trim. The camera can travel anywhere without the scene appearing to be lacking detail.


In the animation above, moving cars with visible headlights drive along the freeway at twilight, as a well attended game is underway. The distant environment is visible, including thousands of 3D trees with an autumn dress, shimmering in the distance at dusk for a dramatic effect.

Trinity Animation has broad experience in producing large campus 3D stadium renderings whether just for stills or for full HD animated tours. These scene files may be populated with thousands of trees, cars and people throughout the focus area, severely complicating a project like this for less capable studios. Trinity’s substantial in-house computational power allows us to produce animation without the added cost or delay of seeking a 3rd party for rendering.

[Note – 11 years earlier, Trinity Animation helped 3D print the basketball arena design for Mizzou before construction. Read our blog post about this 3D printing project.]