Corporate Animation Created for Trilliant
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Corporate Animation Created for Trilliant

Trilliant Blueprint Aerial Angle

Trinity Animation has created a corporate animation for Trilliant Networks, Inc. The animation showcases the benefits of the smart grid communication technology using a NPR (non-photo realistic) style.

The Trilliant Smart Communication platform allows electricity meters and utilities to communicate with each other to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. This is the first step in empowering the consumer to control the amount of energy they use on a daily basis. The arrival of this technology also will be the first exposure many households have to the Internet of Things, where objects and systems they use on a daily basis will all be connected and communicate with each other.

Trinity’s corporate animation highlights the benefits of this platform in a simple and clear fashion. The clean lines and bold colors decrease visual noise, allowing the viewer dedicate their attention to the message.

The completed animation can be viewed below.