Brochure: Creative Advertising Agency Animation
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Brochure: Creative Advertising Agency Animation

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Trinity has been providing advertising agency animation and imagery for a wide variety of marketing visuals. Everything from pasta to washing machines, cars, and barbecue sauce. If it doesn’t exist yet, we can make animation real for your advertising agency’s imagery needs. If it needs to do something magical in the animation for your advertising agency, we can be your Tinkerbelle. If you only have one and you need ten thousand, let us help you multiply. If you need it to explode and don’t want to meet your local fire marshal, we can bring the virtual dynamite.



Creative Advertising Agency Animation page with pasta girls imagery.

No photography or videography is involved in creating your imagery. This can save all the costs of specialized imaging equipment, skilled operators, custom-built sets and used/worn/specialty products that are consumed in the production of your imagery.

  • Royalty-free imagery can be used for posters, brochures, postcards, web sites, video presentations and other image and movie formats. This is a great alternative to stock photography legal limitations or expensive photoshoots.
  • Images can show products which don’t exist yet in an environment of your choice and can be crisp and clear at any size.
  • Photoshop masks, layers, and cutout detail shots can be provided with ease.
  • The ability to render at high settings allows you to zoom in on images to show details.
  • Art directors can go anywhere they want – thousands of sandwiches tumbling from the sky, products that disassemble and then reassemble, products that morph through every configuration and color combination. Source data is stored permanently, so that any shot can be revisited and revised weeks or years later.

ON THE COVER: Visualization of ‘67 rebody Corvette for CR Coachworks.

Pasta advertising for Saatchi and Saatchi


Creative Advertising Agency Animation page with shot from Maytag Commercial Washers animation.

Using 3D rendering to create your images opens a whole world of possibilities to show products that goes beyond photography. Give objects personality, show interior elements, and characterize objects.

Come up with an idea and Trinity will work with you to get the best animation results for your advertising agency.














“We’ve been working with Trinity Animation for over a year and we’re delighted by their attention to detail, fast turnaround time, industry knowledge and friendly team. We often say that we wish every vendor partner was as smart, responsive and enjoyable as Trinity. They exceed our expectations time after time.”
-Carrie Bartlow, Kemper & Company


Creative Advertising Agency Animation page with character from dental braces commercial.

Add some character to catch attention and make your message memorable. Trinity can bring ideas to life from concept sketches to final animated moments that will get your product noticed.


Trinity can create images with a level of photo-realism that will have people wondering, “Who’s your photographer?”

Renderings can provide crisp views of the most intricate parts. We can create cutaways, exploded views, or line art to display the technical aspects of any piece.

Using renderings allows you to revisit the scene over time, change out materials, pull elements, and put them in different environments to make edits even years later.



Creative Advertising Agency Animation page with shots from Sauna marketing imagery. On this page: Sunlighten Marketing Materials

“Trinity was extremely reliable for our animation needs. They were fast in their response, and we were always pleased with their level of detail and quality of work.”
– Julie Varner – VML


Creative Advertising Agency Animation page with shot from BBQ animation.

Make your network graphics pop.

Trinity can create completely stylized graphics or have them interact with realistic objects or environments.

Call us to discuss your ideas and see what Trinity can do
for you.



On this page: Cowtown Barbecue animation