ECA Isle Product Renderings
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ECA Isle Product Renderings


Product Renderings & Animation for ECA’s Isle

Electri-Cable Assemblies (or ECA) had a new tower base for USB/power/ethernet product called Isle.

The first order of business was to produce studio “beauty shot” product renderings in various finishes so that the product could be marketed before waiting for manufacture to ramp up. A prototype existed, but not in the desired finishes.

Starting from provided 3D digital solid model files, Trinity created white, black and silver beauty shot product renderings for ECA.

Three white room beauty shot product renderings of the ECA Isle: White, black and silver.

In addition, ECA required close-up product visualization shots to depict the floor box power and the security cable tether. Trinity was able to provide these product visualizations as well, incorporating a DOF (depth of field) camera effect that helps these product renderings feel utterly photo-real.

Close up product rendering of the ECA Isle, showing the cable security tether.

Close up views of the Isle depict the security tether. These product renderings are 100% computer generated – none of this ever existed!

Close up product rendering of the ECA Isle by Trinity Animation, showing how the Isle plugs in to floor based power modules.

Close up views of the Isle depict the power connection.

Trinity Animation built custom environments for the varied locations that the Isle could be useful, and included photographs of real people to add some life to these promotional product renderings. These product visualizations included a corporate meeting room, a lobby/waiting area, and a student dormitory lounge area. These images make up the portfolio slide show at top.

Also a more simple unpopulated waiting room was produced, shown below. This product rendering image keeps the focus on the Isle.

A product rendering of an ECA Isle in white in an office lounge.

Simplified environment for the key product rendering of the ECA Isle in use.

These product renderings were useful for web, email, newsletters, posters, and trade show signage. The next application was to create a printed brochure for marketing.

Download the ECA Isle marketing brochure PDF. (alternate link)

Finally, a marketing video was created, largely set in the unpopulated version of the dormitory lounge, showing ease of installation and the features of the Isle. This product visualization video can also be used at trade shows, on the web and for in-person presentations via iPad.

Here is the HD promotional video – be sure to expand it to full screen for an “HD” experience.

Interior Fly Thru Animation – ECA Product Rendering from Trinity Animation on Vimeo.

Note the abstract paintings seen in the environment are also Trinity originals, and the music is royalty free buy-out music selected by ECA. This guarantees that absolutely no copyright/usage issues will arise.

Props that help set the stage (such as the backpack, sculptures and chairs) were part of Trinity’s stock 3D model library and thus can be included for virtually no additional cost to the client.

Later, ECA introduced specialty versions of the Isle. These could have custom paints and decals, themed for particular Universities or other groups. With a minimum of time and expense, Trinity was able to load the finished Isle scene and recolor it, apply a custom decal and shoot back a publication-ready beauty shot.

Product rendering of red, white and blue themed ECA Isle power base by Trinity Animation.



These are some of the 21st century advantages to choosing virtual over photography. No one does virtual product imaging better than Trinity Animation.