Underwater Cable Laying Animation
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Underwater Cable Laying Animation


Makai Ocean Engineering creates very specialized software for cable laying by boat along the ocean floor. The issues of submarine cable laying and the solutions offered by this software are somewhat complex, requiring a thoughtful approach to how we presented each of the cable laying segments.


Makai had created many prior graphics to help explain features and benefits of their cable laying software (such as this figure at left), but concluded that a well designed animation could convey these facts in a much more concise and clear manner.


Trinity Animation provided art direction and animation design for this smaller company – no agency was involved. Trinity worked from a small client’s scene sketches and general goals to develop each segment of the animation.

This underwater 3D animation demonstrates a style of realistic but stylized technical visualization that is very attractive for complex presentations. For example, the cutaway ocean, the in-scene 3D callouts and metrics, and the easy transition from above to under water.

A major segment included an isolated “cube” of ocean, land and shore, to

The total content was approximately 8 minutes, with narration also provided by Trinity Animation. The movie here includes the highlights from the animation.