Brick by Brick: The Art of Recreating 7th Street Casino

How it Started Working on the advertisements for 7th Street Casino has proven to be a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor.  Within these advertisements was the need to recreate the building in 3D. With each project we make at Trinity Animation, we aim to not only improve on previous work, but also to constantly think of […]

3 mins read

BluHawk Mall Exterior – Real Estate 3D rendering

Trinity Animation has successfully created an impressive real estate 3d rendering tour of shopping mall architectures using computer-generated animation. This particular real estate animation displays the proposed layout and features of the BluHawk mall in Overland Park, KS.  The exterior animation presents a fly-through of the retail area’s development. This 3D architectural real estate visualization […]

2 mins read

City Animation: Touring Times Square

A New York Architectural Animation Trinity’s Quintessential City Animation Brings Times Square to Life In this city 3D model animation, Trinity and its clients, the Durst Organization and Jones Lang LaSalle, take on of the most iconic street scenes in America: Times Square between 42nd and 43rd Streets. Time Square is often described as the […]

3 mins read