2016 Trinity Animation Christmas Card
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2016 Trinity Animation Christmas Card

Every year Trinity Animation develops a creatively unique Christmas card featuring each employee as cute 3D rendered avatar elves, interacting in comical Christmas activities.

This year’s front cover of Trinity’s Christmas card presents a 3D model based on the actual company building, festively decked out in Christmas lights and decorations from top to bottom and surrounded by mounds of snow. The recognizable logo is displayed on the front and side of the building.  The snowman character on this year’s cover is also featured on past Trinity Christmas cards. Two Trinity employee elf avatars are displayed happily building him. Several other assets on this year’s Christmas card cover are based on previous designs, such as the reindeer and the Christmas tree in the background. The Christmas tree is designed to look like the trees from the well-known “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” stop motion animation.


Seeing people you know displayed as tiny elf avatars almost always triggers a smile. Trinity loves to include some humorous activities that the characters are engaging in. The avatars are carefully posed bringing life and energy into the still image. On the inside of the Christmas card, Trinity employees are displayed gathered around a table for a Christmas feast while smiling at the camera as if posing for a family picture.

Trinity’s Christmas card isn’t complete without some chaos. As they all hold up their glasses mid-toast, one avatar on the left is displayed falling backward in his chair expressing a terrified look. An avatar next to him indicates worry in her facial expression, while an avatar on the other side of him gives his beer a funny look. Little details like these make Trinity’s Christmas cards unique, funny, and entertaining.


Details of the impressive 3D rendered elements in Trinity’s Christmas card are displayed in the images below. These close up images present textures of the food, dishware, characters, and more.



Trinity’s Christmas cards are usually full of easter eggs that you can find if you look closely. For instance, the doily design on the kitchen table has a recognizable “T” from the Trinity logo hidden throughout the pattern.