The Art of Archer Book Released
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The Art of Archer Book Released

Archer Background Art Explained

Just in time for the holidays, a great new coffee-table book on the Art of Archer is available for sale in fine bookstores across the United States as well as Amazon. Featuring several pages on environment development and Trinity’s role in creating Archer background art, this new book will answer the frequent questions from viewers of the show about how this complex 2D/3D cartoon is developed.

Archer background art development - a page from the book.

In one section, Trinity Animation’s contribution to Archer background art is discussed in detail. This section details Trinity’s first work on the series in the pilot, constructing Jakov’s office and lighting it dramatically.

Section of the Art of Archer book detailing how Trinity Animation helps with Archer background art.

The 3D environment development techniques are further explained in a later section of the book which explains how Archer background art is integrated with the characters to help with storytelling.

Development process for Archer background art explained.

In the figures at right, the background art development process is shown starting with early untextured drafts through to the final 3D render. This last image is then made more artlike by the environment development team at Archer so that the flat-shaded characters blend perfectly.

From the back cover of the book:

The Art of Archer is a true fan’s guide to everything behind the scenes of the award-winning FX series. Featuring 240 pages of concept art, interviews with cast and crew, script excerpts, and the original pitch for the series, this collection offers a rare view of the Archer creative process. Commentary from the crew details how squiggles became the gorgeous final pictures fans see today, and exclusive interviews with the Emmy-nominated cast offer insights to their beloved characters and their favorite moments on the show. Storyboards, costume and set designs, reference photographs, immaculate background paintings, and more, this visually arresting collection is the ultimate guide to TV’s greatest animated spy comedy.

The Art of Archer is a must-have companion to the groundbreaking series, for Archer fans and art fans alike.