3D Architectural Rendering of a Residential Campus
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3D Architectural Rendering of a Residential Campus

A logo for the Langford at College Station, the campus depicted in these 3D architectural renderings.When the Methodist Retirement Community was ready to market the new Langford project in College Station, Texas, they needed a 3D architectural exterior rendering and animation to show the beautiful interior and exterior designs they had planned. The Langford is the first full-service senior living community in College Station, Texas. The Langford is named after former College Station mayor Ernest Langford.

The large campus includes nature paths and fountains. Trinity depicted the exterior with an autumn theme. Not only are the trees in fall colors, but thousands of leaves are wind swept into clusters in various corners of the campus to help set the scene for the 3D architectural exterior rendering.

Hundreds of late model cars populate the parking lots. Hundreds of diverse species of trees and shrubs landscape the entire campus, for a fully grown-in and rustic experience that will require some years of growth in the real world.

Here’s a slide show of marketing images created for The Langford, including both interior and exterior views as well as balcony views of the campus and ponds. Trinity created a full fluid dynamics fountain simulation for a realistic depiction of the water feature in the pond. All these 3D architectural exterior renderings can be used for marketing on the web, in printed literature, at sales centers and on billboards, as well as merchandise and other printed matter.

Trinity also created a full virtual tour of the entire campus and fully furnished condo-style flats. Click the play button below to view. Click the [  ] icon at lower right of the movie to go full-screen!

For the interiors, two different floor plans were fully visualized, including living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dens and bathrooms. The style for each 3D architectural exterior rendering was contemporary but with a southern “cowboy chic” flavor. Trinity Animation was able to make extensive use of it’s large stock model collection, adjusting these pre-existing 3D models’ color and fabric to get the best look for the least amount of labor. Trinity’s animators, at the direction of the Langford’s interior designer, fine tuned the selections of housewares, materials and styles to get the exact look desired for this marketing visuals package. In some cases, Trinity animators created the furniture models to match photo reference – for example, the slice wood table and chairs.

MRC needed the best 3D architectural rendering company to create these critical stills and animations at the earliest possible phase of the project. The result is a compelling virtual visit to this beautiful campus that shows, rather than tells, the luxury of the Langford.