Certified Professional Animators at Trinity Animation
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Certified Professional Animators at Trinity Animation

3 New Certified Professional Animators and Licensed Trainers

Trinity Animation takes a very active role in mastering the software it uses for 3D animation and rendering. Several of Trinity’s staff has been awarded the status of Certified Professional Animators by Autodesk in relation to their mastery of 3ds Max software. Matt Tyree and Travys Keto both sat for and passed their exam. In addition, Matt, Travys and Jim Lammers were awarded Chaos Group‘s “Licensed Trainer” status for mastery of their rendering tool V-Ray – a key component of Trinity Animation’s workflow.

Autodesk’s certificates are shown below for Autodesk Certified Professional Animators Matt Tyree and Travys Keto.

Matt Tyree's certificate from Autodesk for Certified Professional Animators.Travys Keto is one of Trinity Animation's Autodesk Certified Professional Animators

Authorized Training Center, Authorized Certification Center

Chaos Group also granted Trinity Animation the status of Authorized Training Center – teaching other animators to use products like V-Ray for 3D rendering in their 3D applications – usually 3ds max and Sketchup. In addition, Trinity is an Authorized Certification Center for Chaos Group, granting certifications to students who have achieved mastery of V-Ray. Also Matt, Jim, and Travys are Licensed Professionals by Chaos Group.

Trinity Animation's Certified Professional Animators - Matt Tyree, Jim Lammers and Travys Keto.

Matt is Trinity’s primary classroom trainer for 3ds max and V-Ray. Jim trains in V-Ray for Sketchup. Travys is also a licensed trainer for V-Ray for 3ds max. Matt has been working with 3ds max and V-Ray for about 10 years, since starting at Trinity Animation. Matt’s degree in Game Art and Design also used 3ds max. Jim began using 3ds max when it was in DOS version 2, around 1992.

Jim was on Autodesk’s 3ds max board of about 10 top users, which convened at the start of the new 3ds max software in 1995. Jim’s first global illumination experience was with Lightscape, then Cebas’ FinalRender, then Splutterfish’s Brazil r/s. These gave a solid foundation of understanding for becoming a certified professional animator with V-Ray by Chaos Group.

Travys has been using V-Ray and 3ds max since starting at Trinity about 3 years ago.  Travys had previous skill with Maya software which gave him a great foundation for learning 3ds max.