Aircraft Interior Renderings
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Aircraft Interior Renderings

Aircraft interior rendering of the front lounge area Wireframe view of lounge area.

Trinity Animation is of particular value to the aircraft interiors industry. There are many choices for interior layout and design, but visualizing color combinations or the human-scale friendliness of a design will be difficult for the client if only CAD drawings are available. Adding to this is the heavy expense of changing once the project has started — the client needs to understand and clearly approve before the project begins, whether it is a new interior or a retrofit. That’s where Trinity Animation can streamline the process with perfect and flattering aircraft interior 3D models.


In some cases illustrators or painters will create hand renderings of aircraft interiors, which can lend a stylistic feel to the design in progress. The problem is that these are artist’s interpretations, and elements such as chairs and legroom may be misrepresented. With plane interior 3D models, we are creating a 1:1 scale mockup of the interior on a computer. Any sort of conflict or design clash will be detected because we are moving in the proposed 3D space as we construct the interior.

Visualizing Tight Spaces

Things are always tight on an aircraft interior, which makes photography difficult. Using very wide angle lenses or fisheye lenses can capture a bathroom (water closet) interior but with a very distorted appearance. Wide angle lenses also can exaggerate how large a room will feel since the far walls will appear much farther away. These issues do not occur with Trinity Animation renderings because we can simply cut through walls to get an image. That is, we will place a camera outside the room, and give the camera the ability to see through the near walls. The result is a perfectly lit small space with a human perspective.


Aircraft interior rendering of gang of 3 seats with tray tables.

Cabin chair designs are often custom built on aircraft interior projects. This is another benefit of using Trinity Animation for your aircraft interior 3D models – we can not only sculpt your design and upholster it however you plan; we can work with you as you adjust your design to visualize the revisions for you and your client.








Aircraft interior renderings of material variations for the lavatory.Often there are several schemes in consideration for a new aircraft interior design. Typically we will get swatches of these materials to use for the renderings, or otherwise some kind of scan or image file. It is important for patterns that we get at least one full repeat of the pattern so that we can make the tilable art to use in that material on our renderings. One more benefit of plane interior 3D models is the lowered cost for additional schemes. The biggest part of the project is setting up the 3D models; after that it is usually fairly quick to try a new color scheme.



















Populating your scene

Often, a lived-in look is desired, and this is a low cost option with Trinity Animation. We have a large library of 3D props, including laptops, drinkware, magazines and many other modern elements that will give your finished renderings a very current and real appearance.

Full Animated Fly Through of your Aircraft Interior Design

Once the scene is constructed for stills, generating an animated fly through is not a major increase in your budget. Trinity runs its own large render farm to crank out long form and high resolution animations without delay.

Aircraft Interior Fly Thru from Trinity Animation on Vimeo.

Other Benefits of Aircraft Interior Renderings

  • Images are royalty free
  • Scenes may be reloaded and revised months or years later
  • Additional viewpoints are usually very low additional cost

Aircraft interior rendering depicting bespoke seating and lounge area.


Rendering of a luxury bedroom on a private jet.

VIP area rendering of a private jet interior.


Bathroom aircraft rendering with luxury fittings and convertible seat toilet.

Aircraft rendering of the main seating area with overhead storage.

Rendered seating area of a luxury aircraft.

Side hall rendering of an aircraft.

Rendering of a luxury bathroom area in a private jet.

Aircraft Rendering of a meeting and VIP area