Brochure: Architectural Visualization
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Brochure: Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization:

Build your ideas with us.

Photorealistic 3D renderings

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* all images are completely computer generated except for Wendy’s and Regal final construction photos.

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Commercial Building Renderings

“Trinity’s focus on visual quality and accuracy resulted in a set of stunning renderings that helped with our project’s success.”
-Rose Construction

Trinity Animation has been producing high quality architectural renderings since 1994. Trinity offers fast turnaround, responsive artists, a massive stock model library for populating your scenes inexpensively, and a focus on realism and quality. Many of the images in this brochure have related animations, both fly-through and narrated demonstrations.

“For our fast-moving high-profile projects, we rely on people who can deliver on time and on budget. Trinity Animation is that and more. They are good people who care about relationships and the work.”
– Tesser

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Previsualization Renderings

Pictured above: Tesser – Wendy’s
Wendy’s worldwide leadership asked Tesser to imagine radically different structures for their restaurant chain. Tesser asked Trinity to bring the sketches to life for evaluation. Ultimately
a prototype of this restaurant was built in Columbus Ohio and received a write-up in TIME magazine.

Pictured above: TK Architects – Regal Cinemas
Regal Cinemas’ flagship theater in Knoxville, Tennessee was first previsualized by Trinity Animation for TK Architects. Early “what if’ experiments with stucco colors emboldened the designers to choose a bright mix of colors for the EIFS patterns, exuding a party-like feel to the exterior.

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Campus Fly-Through Animations

Pictured above: Forest Lake
This senior living development illustrated the rustic and manicured environment imagined for this complex mix of apartment building and houses. The exterior animation went from high aerials to street level views, requiring a very complex scene file.

Pictured left: Acuity Lighting
This downtown scene was constructed to illustrate the myriad applications of new industrial LED lighting. This scene was lit for both day and night, and included sweeping dynamic animations of all
the areas illuminated by the new technology.


Agencies working for nationally recognized companies, such as Wendy’s and Ben & Jerry’s, have
hired Trinity to bring their ideas to life.

Ben & Jerry’s Tokyo had to make a small interior as functional and charming as possible, and this rendering illustrates one option considered.

Retail Interior Renderings

New interior possibilities were explored for Wendy’s, at the direction of retail design experts Tesser.

Residential Renderings