Brochure: Furniture Visualization
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Brochure: Furniture Visualization

Trinity’s new glossy 12 page furniture visualization brochure is back from the printer. View the 3D furniture animation PDF below or contact us for a printed copy!

12 page Furniture Visualization Brochure PDF Download – 6 MB

Cover of Trinity Animation Furniture Visualization brochure

This furniture visualization brochure lays out each of the features and benefits of using Trinity Animation’s services. Probably the biggest feature of 3D furniture visualization over furniture photography is the ability to edit every aspect of every shot, at any point in the future. Another major benefit to furniture visualization is that the product does not yet need to exist. Many furniture manufacturers need to start marketing a new design immediately without waiting for the factory to tool up.

Text content of brochure:

Furniture Visualization brochure interior showing photo realism and CG origins

All images are Computer Generated

As seen above, Trinity’s animators work with cutting edge technology to create photorealistic 3D furniture animation. No cameras required.
Models are built in 3d as seen below, then textured and lit to form the final images. Above is a screenshot showing the computer view of the set the background rendering
was created from. Every element is editable and easy to swap out or to use again in the future.

Forget photography

Perfection comes naturally to 3D furniture animation renderings. Keeping products looking their best and populating a space of any size without the logistics of renting, and creating custom products are just a few of the many benefits of 3d. It provides the freedom to work with the most expensive materials and create custom spaces to showcase new products. Leave the stress of onsite photo shoots behind and start imagining any location and any product of your line, even ones yet to exist physically, and allow Trinity’s furniture visualization services to bring it to reality.

Task Chair furniture visualizations section of brochure

Save It

Save it, flip it, swap it, redesign it.

Working in 3D furniture animation makes it easy to build assets and create a library of parts to form new combinations with an economy of scale. The furniture visualization is all archived so returning to the product years later is a snap. The final result is a big savings in your budget with top shelf marketing material.

Furniture visualization brochure pages showing marketing imagery for commercial furniture designs.

Simple Elegance

Clean reflections and striking lines, furniture can be placed in any type of location or isolated environment. It’s easy to show configurations of isolated sets of furniture with 3d. Elements created can be modified, added to, or paired down to show all the options of a line of furniture without having to start from scratch.

Keep it moving and show it off

Trinity can provide multiple step images for creating the movement effect to show function of furniture elements.

Show the fine details

Close up 3D furniture animation renderings can be refined to show wrinkles, stitching, brushed metal, and anything else that showcases the quality of your products. As seen above, one furniture visualization can be created and reused with different props and camera angles to quickly create a similar set of images that could work together in a brochure or web series.

Furniture Visualization Brochure pages for marketing new products.

Think Outside The Camera

3D furniture animation allows you to create clean and beautiful cutaways of table edges to display the profile and assembly. Stepping outside of traditional photography doesn’t mean the human element has to be
lost. People can be artfully merged with a scene to give it an extra touch of realism. Create confidence with your clients by clearly showing function of electrical components. 3D furniture animation renderings open the door to creative visuals. Xray, cutaways, animations with exploded views or fade away of elements to reveal function or assembly are all available options. If there is a design challenge we are always expanding our tools and open to take on new challenges.

Function and Convenience

Create a quality showcase environment that is easy to swap out flooring, no moving furniture around necessary. Animate a stylized installation sequence displaying the steps one by one. Unique wall elements or props can be added to compliment the style of your product. Any type of staging area is available where they sky is the limit. No area is too big or too small to be displayed.

Create height adjustable images to show function. Keep it simple and make the colors pop. It’s a snap to take any element from a rendered environment and provide a white room isolated rendering.

Create one environment and with a few changes to textures, props, and camera and it can become a new space with little time spent. Saving time results in saved budget and more images or a better bottom line.


Enjoy The Benefits

  • Create stylized renderings in a fraction of the time traditional methods require.
  • Furniture can be rendered separate from the background making it easy to isolate for advertising imagery.
  • Custom creations can be assembled to provide the client a preview of the end result. Without physically building the product it saves on parts and labor and can expand your market potential.
  • iPads, laptops, binders, lamps, vases, and clocks are a small sample of the items in Trinity’s vast stock model library.
  • The cost of working with the most expensive finishes on furniture is practically free with 3d renderings.
  • Masks can be provided on request to tune in specific textures.

Gain Momentum

Take your promotions to the next level by creating animations for trade shows or for sales representatives. Mix entertainment and information by moving to music and showcasing features and functions. Extreme close-ups of small details to part swapping animations can inspire and inform the options that your clients may be interested in.
Stand out among competitors by showing your products in creative ways that make a lasting impression. We can create stylized views and animate with the product fully realistic or with a touch of style.

Bring us your ideas and we’ll help find the right solution for the look that will showcase your furniture with the right impact. Visit our website for samples of our work and contact us today!