Contract Furniture Rendering: Hover Benching
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Contract Furniture Rendering: Hover Benching

Trinity Animation is known for using their impressive 3D software skills to accomplish stunning animations which advertise products in the most informative, beneficial, and engaging way. When the company, DeskMakers, needed Trinity to create a contract furniture rendering that demonstrated the new adjustable height desk design, known as Hover Benching, Trinity produced a state-of-the-art animation presenting all of the product’s advanced features.

NeoCon Gold Award for Hover Benching - Contract Furniture Rendering by Trinity Animation.



Hover Benching, enhanced for Contract Furniture Industry trade show NeoCon 2016, took home Best of NeoCon Gold in the Furniture: Benching category. Hover offers a complete solution for adjustable-height worksurfaces.



Many decisions were made by Trinity in order to develop a contract furniture rendering that uniquely demonstrates this product in the most professional way.

Trinity’s contract furniture rendering presents all of the different worksurfaces that Hover has to offer, the multiple configurations that they create, and the unique features that they hold. Each asset is accurately modeled inside of 3D software, allowing a virtual camera to maneuver around the items displaying them from multiple angles and perspectives. Movement is applied to the desks to display the convenient adjustments that the product offers such as the desk height adjustment or the space division adjustments depending on the level of privacy a customer wants each desk to have.

A variety of different desk styles and layouts are displayed. When transitioning from one desk to another, each individual piece swiftly enters and exits the screen from multiple different directions. For instance,  a desk may enter the screen by growing upward from the ground while the other assets such as chairs, cabinets, or dividers sequentially slide in from the left, right, or top of the screen. These transitions include a combination of different movements which are visually pleasing and engaging to viewers. This manipulation of creative movement is only one of the many benefits that animation provides over live footage advertising.

Text is also incorporated in this contract furniture rendering several times alongside the product whether it be labeling an item or clarifying its features. It playfully enters and exits the screen, similarly to the individual segments of the desk. This addition provides viewers with more information and engaging visuals, once again outperforming live footage capabilities.

Trinity artists also designed the 3D modeled modern building interior which the entire animation takes place in. Rendered with impressive realistic textures, it completes this animation by allowing viewers to visualize how the product will look in a relevant space. The wall of windows, displayed in the background of almost every shot, allows virtual sunlight to illuminate the area in which the desks are presented. Additionally, realistic 3D rendered foliage line the outside of the window – adding a few visually pleasing colors to the background of the animation.

This still image from Trinity's contract furniture rendering provides visuals displaying the interior elements of the trough's electrical routing system. This is a close shot of the trough, displaying the ground power source manuevering through the interior of the trough which plugs into the extension and provides power to the individual workstations.
This still image from Trinity’s contract furniture rendering provides a close visual of the trough’s interior elements which consist of an electrical routing system. This provides power to each individual workstation through a ground source.

One of the main assets of the Hover Benching products are the troughs, which are featured under each desk and supply a power source from infeed sources through easy routing of electrical components that lead to each individual workstation. The animation displays how this system works by providing visuals of the interior elements. The ground power source is displayed being inserted through a slot, into the trough, where it powers the extension cords that run throughout the trough. A desk is then displayed being plugged into one of the extensions in the trough where it receives power. Several different types of troughs are displayed such as the platform trough, raised panel trough, and partition trough which provide different levels of privacy.





Brochure cover page for Hover, a contract furniture rendering created by Trinity AnimationThis gargantuan trade show has been held every June at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago since 1969: hence the 2018 show marked the event’s 50th year.  NEOCON claims that it serves as the commercial design industry’s launch pad for innovation- offering ideas and introductions that shape the built environment. Typically the show attracts over 500 manufacturer’s (550 in 2018) all there to showcase new products and services. Included in those 550 exhibitors in 2018 were 75 first-time 2018 participants, thus, demonstrating that the show continues to thrive. It is also not unusual for the show to draw up to 50,000 visitors at its classic central Chicago location.  A show of this size needs five complete floors of the Merchandise Mart to house its exhibits and related activities.

The industry it serves has seen robust growth over the years: when NeoCon started back in 1969, the U.S. office furniture industry was roughly $830 million. In 2017, it was estimated at $13.4 billion. (U.S. Dept of Commerce, Bureau of the Census and BIFMA).

Hover from DeskMakers is your complete solution for adjustable-height worksurfaces.

Hover adjustable-height worksurfaces can be integrated into all of DeskMakers casegoods lines, our TeamWorx desking line, and in stand-alone tables. Hover Benching provides power distribution and cable management for adjustable-height benching environments.

Hover bases are made in the USA and come in 12 different finishes.

Hover is your complete solution for adjustable-height worksurfaces. Hover adjustable-height worksurfaces can be integrated into all of DeskMakers casegoods lines, our TeamWorx desking line, and stand-alone workstations. Hover Benching provides power distribution and cable management for adjustable-height benching environments.

PDF Brochure for DeskMakers Hover