Marketing Animation of a Fully Functional Bike
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Marketing Animation of a Fully Functional Bike

Bicycle Marketing Animation

This 3D computer animation marketing video is completely synthetic, created by our animators on our computers. This animation features the Trek Speed Concept 7.5 bicycle. The model is constructed on a real world scale all the way down to the individual chain links, so that the model will match the real bike. Most of the animator’s effort was dedicated to creating a model that is to the exact specifications of the product.  The bike’s curved surfaces created a technical challenge when modeling the frame while maintaining accuracy. Our animators utilized lighting, materials and their own modeling ability to create this realistic model.

The 3D computer animation marketing video uses sweeping camera shot, close-ups, exploded views, and integrated tags to bring the model to life. The sweeping camera shots in combination with the close-ups display the materials and light techniques used to create a hyper realistic model. Additionally, the exploded view describes smaller details and technical aspects of the design visually. The tags are animated to catch the eye of the viewer, allowing them to understand the design even further. We specialize in using animation as a medium to convey a concept and communicate that to the audience. The role of movement in the 3D computer animation marketing video keeps that audience engaged this includes spinning the pedals. By showing the bikes moving parts, the rigidity of the body is broken to capture the viewer’s attention. The cuts between new and moving camera angles are utilized to keep the video interesting while also maintaining the focus on the bicycle.

Still frame image from the Bike Product Marketing Animation

Approximately 180 hours went into this project. This includes all modelling, lighting, animating and compositing the project. All of these steps were taken to create a realistic marketing animation that accurately describes the product. It is our goal as an animation studio to make the product feel real. The freedom provided by animation allows for a creative project while still maintaining a realistic final project.

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