Zentech Zee Luxury Resort- Photorealistic Architectural Rendering
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Zentech Zee Luxury Resort- Photorealistic Architectural Rendering

Trinity Animation has developed a 3d fly through animated tour that exhibits the Zentech Zee Luxury Resort. Zentech has developed a new yacht design based on a small waterplane area twin hull (SWATH) technology. A SWATH is a twin-hull ship design that minimizes hull cross-section area at the sea’s surface. Minimizing the ship’s volume near the surface area of the sea, where wave energy is located, maximizes a vessel’s stability, even in high seas and at high speeds. The Zee Luxury will offer safe and luxurious accommodation with all amenities for an exotic and uniquely different “quality of experience”. Through 3D animation, Trinity artists create a photorealistic architectural rendering which accurately demonstrates this resort and its features before it has been built.

This still image from Trinity's photorealistic architectural rendering displays the 3D modeled resort from a clear aerial view. Ocean water is simulated surrounding the yacht.
This still image from Trinity’s photorealistic architectural rendering displays the 3D modeled resort from a clear aerial view. Ocean water is simulated surrounding the yacht.

This 3D animation rendering begins with a beautiful aerial shot of the luxury resort completely surrounded by ocean water, which is simulated by Trinity artists through 3D software. As the camera rotates around the resort, viewers are able to observe its unique architectural structure at many different angles which would be difficult to obtain through live footage. The virtual camera guides viewers through the resort advertising the luxuries that it holds. 3d modeled People roam around the resort enjoying the amenities, while a helicopter lands on the roof amplifying the upscale theme. White lounge chairs line along balconies or pools and a beautiful bar is displayed where guest can relax under an awning.

The virtual camera then delves into the interior of the resort. It leads viewers through a lobby which consist of a front desk and waiting area. The lavish all-white interior has an aesthetically pleasing clean effect. All props such as the furniture, lighting structures, artwork, and foliage are all accurately rendered through 3D software. The next shot displays the bedroom interior which has a similar aesthetic look. The virtual camera presents a view looking out the window from the bedroom where a small balcony pool is located for each individual room. The camera proceeds to glide out of the window where it hovers over the ocean and rotates until is presents an exterior view once again. It continues to pan another waiting area filled with couches that guests can relax in.

To accurately develop this 3D animation rendering, Trinity artists were provided with the basic 3D model of the resort which they had to refine and add props to. For the props, Zentech provided material inspiration from photographs which Trinity artist based their models off of.

Trinity Animation can create a high-quality photorealistic architectural rendering which demonstrates structures that have not yet been built. They are able to guide viewers through the animation using unique and engaging virtual camera movements. It is Trinity’s goal to satisfy their customer’s needs and also benefit individual projects with their own creative experience. Call or email them today for state-of-the-art 3D animation services like this rendering provides!