BluHawk Mall Exterior – Real Estate 3D rendering
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BluHawk Mall Exterior – Real Estate 3D rendering

Trinity Animation has successfully created an impressive real estate 3d rendering tour of shopping mall architectures using computer-generated animation. This particular real estate animation displays the proposed layout and features of the BluHawk mall in Overland Park, KS.  The exterior animation presents a fly-through of the retail area’s development.

This 3D architectural real estate visualization is completely synthetic, modeled and rendered by Trinity artists and computers at Trinity Animation.They specialize in photo-realistic renderings and animations that help clients visualize their projects. Trinity Animation uses state of the art techniques and the most advanced software to help bring a client’s real estate 3d rendering to life with its own style and feeling.

This mall has very unique aesthetic architectural qualities that Trinity artists highlight throughout the animation. The first shot provided is a beautiful aerial view of the BluHawk mall which illustrates its considerable size.  In the next shots, the virtual camera glides over the mall displaying the 3D rendered architecture, as well as detailed foliage, sculptures, cars, and people going about their daily lives – providing viewers with a realistic visualization of the environment once the mall is built.  Parking lots are filled with cars representing what it would look like during a busy day. Stone paths that weave around the buildings are filled with pedestrians leisurely walking. Inbetween the buildings, small ponds surrounded by beautiful green foliage, stones, and other organic materials are realistically rendered. A couple of wooden bridges are displayed crossing the small ponds. Uniquely shaped sculptures are also located throughout the mall, which are accurately shaped and realistically textured inside of 3d software.

This is a 3d rendered image developed by Trinity Animation for the real estate 3d rendering exhibiting the Bluhawk mall. This specific image displayed the realistically rendered organic material such as water, rock, and foliage that is located throughout the mall.
This image displays the aesthetic organic areas located throughout the mall. Each item is realistically rendered by Trinty artists using 3D software for this real estate 3d rendering.

Through 3d animation, Trinity has provided viewers with a full tour of the mall before it is built – displaying it at many different angles and perspectives. Using digital assets in an environment fully realized in 3D means that anything you imagine can be created. No project is too large to be tackled in such a fashion. The realism and movements allow viewers to develop an accurate visualization of the project at hand.

Trinity has been animating since 1994 and is one of the best 3D animation firms for architecture.  They create state of the art real estate 3D renderings that bring projects to life. Call or email us today for quotes on your projects.